The story so far…

Hi everybody, 

We just wanted to write a quick blog post about our class novel – Fish in a Tree. We have literally been hanging off every word and feeling a range of emotions when reading this. We are so hooked on the story that when Miss Keath finishes a chapter we are so upset that she can’t keep reading!
As a class we have begun to create a story map of events as well as a character development snapshot so we can see how the main character Ally changes throughout the book. We also created a “Map” to Ally’s personality and character outlining all the things we know about her or think she may be feeling in different parts of the book – this was a great way for us to work on our descriptive vocabulary.

We can’t wait to keep updating you on what we read but here is a little of what we have read and learnt so far…

Keep an eye out on our blog to follow Ally’s journey with us, or come by and check out our story map!



Health & Physical Education

Hi all,

This term we will be focussing our learning on athletic events including high jump, discus, hurdles and shot put. We are practicing these events for the Athletics Day which will be held at Sprint Athletics Stadium on Friday the 22nd of March. It’s so exciting to learn new skills and try own personal best.


Mr Muscari

Welcome to 6A!

Welcome to 2019 and to 6A’s blog!

It has been a very busy week and a half, setting up the classroom and organising how we would like things to be. We have been working as a community to set up our expectations and linking those to our school values.  Here is what we have come up with:







To get to know one another a little better we created bioglyphs that also linked to our Term 1 CBL idea of Identity. We were able to discuss and question our peers about their bioglyphs to try and decide which picture matched our peers.




We have been working on our school value of Teamwork and in groups became detectives and participated in an escape room. We were given a range of problems to solve to find our final suspect. We discussed how we effectively communicate with one another and it was great to hear the positive discussions throughout our community.

We can’t wait to share our learning throughout the year. Before we go we wanted to say congratulations to Damla and Adriano for being our Students of the Week on Friday for displaying the school value of Respect.

See you next time!


Welcome to 5A 2019!

What a week and a half! We have begun our 2019 learning journey with enthusiasm and positivity in Room 29 – here are just a few of the tasks we have undertaken to start our learning in Year 5:

Our Big Idea for Term 1

Our Big Idea this term is Identity. We began sharing what we thought identity was and came up with a list of similar and interesting ideas to the question ‘What is Identity?’:

  • Everyone has a different one
  • Who you are
  • What you look like
  • Age
  • Hobbies
  • Personality
  • Names – first, last
  • Gender
  • Fingerprints
  • Digital footprints
  • Music you listen to
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Background / History
  • Likes/dislikes
  • Clothes
  • School / Job
  • Food
  • Community

We will keep adding and building on our ideas through the term so we can all create a personal definition of what identity is.

Sharing our identity through Bioglyphs

We began getting to know our new classmates and sharing information with each other by focusing on our identity. We created a picture that used symbols to visually represented parts of our identities and then became detectives to find out which bioglyph matched which classmate. We had to choose questions that would gain us the most information and make decisions about what information we were going to focus on to match the bioglyph to a classmate. It was lots of fun to do this and we could have kept going all day! Some of us managed to match between 9-12 classmates (although some of these were matched with information already known from previous years!) Feel free to walk past our window and see all of our bioglyphs – can you match one to someone you know in our class?

Linking learning with texts

This term we are reading the novel ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio. There are only one or two of us who have read the book or seen the movie which means we are all along for the ride with this book together! The book is about a boy called August Pullman and we have learnt that he was born with cleft palates (split in the roof of his mouth) and some other anomalies that left him with a weird face. He has had over 27 surgeries and he is only 10 years old. He has not been to school, he does not have a lot of friends and he has an older sister called Via who has yells at kids for making noises at him. August is about to go to school and start the 5th grade. We are looking forward to finding out more about August and how he finds school.

Using our reading strategies to decode a text

We began revising the reading strategies of Predicting and Questioning this week using evidence and reasoning to justify our thinking. To practise these strategies in a different way, we were given a text that was coded in a different font and asked to decode it. We began by predicting what letters some of the symbols could match to and using logic and reasoning to support our predictions. We then were able to ask questions and continue to decode the text using the context of what we were decoding along the way to make sure the text continued to make sense. This was so much fun to complete, we asked Ms Huntly if we could do another one – she is planning one as we speak! Look below to see a sample of what we were trying to decode:

Kids Helpline @ School

As a way of discussing Safer Internet Day and ways we can be safe online, we took part in a Kids Helpline @ School session on Digital Identity and living up to values online. We discussed what digital footprints were and how everything you do online is permanent. We came up with ways we can be safe online and how what you do online should be what you would be willing to say or do in real life. It was an interesting session and we all took away at least one thing that we will try to remember when using online sites and games.

Please subscribe to our 5/6 blog in order to keep updated with what we are learning and other classes in the 5/6 area are doing as well!
We look forward to sharing our learning journey in Year 5 with you – please leave comments below and we will respond as soon as we can!
~ 5A

Welcome to Year 5, 5B!

It’s been a very eventful week (and a bit) setting up the classroom and getting settled in. We planned, voted and decided on a layout for the room that suits everyones needs, and got to work moving all the furniture where it should go according to the plan. We set up the library and added some homely touches to make us feel comfortable in our learning space.

We thought of some hopes for the year and discussed how we could make these hopes a reality. We decided that working as a team, supporting and including each other, and never giving up was our path to having a fun and successful year!

We have been exploring Term 1 big idea, Identity, exploring what identity is and the different forms it takes. We had a blast making bioglyphs, using symbols to represent our traits, personality, hobbies and families. We then had to use our excellent investigative and questioning skills to work out who-was-who according to the symbols used on their bioglyphs. We had to think of specific questions to ask to narrow down the possibilities, not just asking “is this you?!” Have a look at some of the bioglyphs we created!

Shout out to Gisele and Kanav for being awarded student of the week, demonstrating our school value of Respect at all times. Well done and thank you!

We’re off to a great start, very excited to see where this year takes us!

– 5B

Welcome to 5D

Welcome to 2019 and to 5D’s blog!


It has been a very busy week and a half, setting up the classroom and organising how we would like things to be, as well as getting our brains back into school mode. As we entered the classroom for the first time we were all a bit nervous ad shyly wrote on the whiteboard what are hopes for the year are. It has not take us long to settle in though.


We’ve been doing a lot of exploring of our identity and finding different ways to share information about ourselves: there have been bioglyphs, lotus diagrams and figure-me-out posters. This is all to help consider what makes us ‘us’ and what our cultural identities are.


We had our first trip to the school library this week as well, with Mrs. Bennett reminding us how to use the computers to search for books. We stocked up on lots of books for the classroom library and for our book boxes too. We also had the opportunity to borrow take-home books, being allowed to borrow Senior Fiction items now that we are in Grade 5.

Before signing off, we with congratulations to Taylor and Priya for being our Students of the Week and for displaying the school value of Respect.

See you next time!


Welcome to the 2019 6C blog.

This year has started well with a new room and a new theme of unicorns.  The first few days have been all about setting up our space and working what will help us learn.  Sausage the reading lizard made sure that everyone had the required items in their pencil cases and also left some scales floating around the room to make sure we were keeping our space clean and tidy.

We then began the task of sorting and unpacking Ms Officers books.  It seems that she has more than she thought so we have had to research and discover a way to create a list of all of them.  Nitin has been in charge of scanning in the ISBN numbers and creating the library.

Jobs have now been assigned and the “Unicorn Helpers” have been busy putting their stamp on the room as we create a culture of hard-working students.  For CBL we are looking at “identity” and we have been focused on our own cultural identity.  This has created classroom discussion over race, religion and where we come from.  As a class we have agreed that we might come from many different backgrounds, but we are all in this together.

This week has also been internet safety week.  We have done a lot of talking and reflecting on how to be safe online and why it is so important.  Sometimes things just don’t come across how we would like online and people can get hurt or the wrong idea. We now have a stronger understanding of what it means to be respectful and safe when online.

This term we are looking forward to camp which is coming up in week 10.  This is the perfect week as we can come back from camp on the Friday and go straight on the holidays and after hearing about all the things there is to do on camp, we think we are going to need the weekend to sleep.  Expressions of interest will close soon so if you have not put it in please do so as the whole class wants to go!

Next week is your chance as a parent to meet Ms Officer.  On the 14th after school there is “Meet the teacher” this is a great night and we are planning some work to show our parents.

Looking forward to a great year in the growth zone with 6C

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