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Maori Art.

This year in Art we have looked at the way cultures survive through their art works and how these works represent their beliefs. We designed our own Koru paintings using watercolour paint and pictures of ferns for inspiration. The fern frond represents new life in Maori culture. We also designed our own Tikis that we sculpted using clay and painted with acrylic paint when they were dry. Tikis were worn to protect the wearer from harm. Thanks for visiting our blog and return soon to see some more of our art work.

Health & Physical Education

Hi all,

This term we will be focussing our learning on athletic events including high jump, discus, hurdles and shot put. We are practicing these events for the Athletics Day which will be held at Sprint Athletics Stadium on Friday the 22nd of March. It’s so exciting to learn new skills and try own personal best.


Mr Muscari