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Grade 6 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With our last unit of Spanish upon us, we’ve begun to learn how to say in Spanish different sports and their associated accessories in Spanish. This learning will also touch on how the Spanish language has different words for the word ‘the’. We look forward to using these accordingly as we improve our knowledge of this Term’s content.

‘I’ve liked learning how to say different sports in Spanish’ –  Olivia (6C)

‘The crosswords and word searches in Spanish have been really good’ –  Tayfun (6B)

6D Blog week 2 and 3

Week 3
Welcome back to Term 3, 6D has had an amazing start! So far we have done STEM (science, technology, education & math) activities, started our research on CBL, Math activities and we have had amazing debates. Starting off with their individual research on
anything that interest them related to Australia.
For example some people choose: inventions that had been created in Australia or a person that is famous like Ned Kelly.

For Math we have been doing round robin which is where we have different activities at each table and rotate after 10 minutes. We have been working on fractions, how do you simplify a fraction? What is an equivalent fraction? And what are fractions?

The next thing we did for writing was the poet’s toolbox, what is included in a poem? All the features a poem had and the different types of poems. We even wrote cinquain poems, diamante poems, Acrostic and limericks. Learning each of their structures.

In writing we also had a debate on whether there should be zoos or not. First we read the argument on the text and then wrote our response on if we agree or if we didn’t, after some time we rotated table and wrote comments about comments. Last but not least
we got seperated into 3 groups. group 1 was to argue that there should be zoos group 2 was to argue that there shouldn’t be zoos and last one was both, they both disagreed and agreed on
the topic.

Week 2
Week 2 we caught up with our buddy class Prep F. We did a fun activity called weaving on paper. First we got taught how to weave and then we began gathering our materials.We had to choose two different colours of paper and then cut them into strips. We helped our buddies cut the coloured paper into strips. And then we started weaving the paper the preps really enjoyed doing this activity with us and so did we. After everyone finished weaving the paper, we all got a turtle template. The first thing that we did with the turtles was colour them in, but we left the shell white, because we had to cut it
out and get the weaved paper and glue it on where the old shell use to be.

This term the 5 & 6 cohort is reading this book called That Boy Jack. All of the classes have started reading this amazing book. Everyone in 6D is looking forward to reading more of this book.
Starting of with 5 & 6 sport we have different sports we play which include Kickball, Handball and dodgeball. We have been separated into groups to play sports. In Sports everyone played by the rules, showed great sportsmanship and displayed the school values
during the games.

6D has been working so hard this term so far and at assembly our teacher Mrs Hicks gave 2 students a student of the week award and
those 2 amazing students are Injela and Adem they both worked so hard they always respect the teacher, help their fellow classmates and do their on time.

Thanks for reading 6D blog w

6D Term 3 Blog Week 1

Week 1 starting

It was Week 1 everyone had a story to tell the whole class and it turns out that everyone had a story to tell, we were a little bit out of behaviour but after a while we were being  good. We had an amazing holidays!



For our term 3 maths we have started fractions and we have gotten into 3 groups of people and we were doing little fraction games so we can practice and be better at it. We play games like find the matching fractions to get to the bottom and finish the course.


That boy, Jack

Our teacher Miss Hicks had found this new book called that boy jack it is about this boy named Jack Pollark and he struggles to overcome his fears of friendship and danger.Our teacher found a audio book version of it on the tv so the audio reads to us the book is set in copper mining town of Moonta,South Australia everyone in the class is enjoying it I am really liking the book there is 250 pages and we are up to chapter 3 it indeed is a very long book and I think it will finish in 2 months or maybe 1.


Year ⅚ sport

For this terms ⅚ sport we got to choose our activities between handball,kickball and dodgeball. Year ⅚ is a lot of fun it’s so active. All of us have been having fun in all activities.


CBL Provocations

For this terms CBL we are focusing on Curiosity and history. We have been researching the timeline of Australia and other things that we might want to know. In class we have made a huge timeline for some facts.


Stem Activity

We did a stem activity which was making a cannonball machine who ever goes the furthest will win and could get a eyelash thing, we had a fun time making them we enjoyed.


Community Circle

At the start of the term we started doing community circle where we, at the start of the day the whole class comes to the floor as well as the teacher and we all share what we learnt or did. We also play a game before

Grade 6 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 3, we Grade 6s have started learning to express and say in Spanish the different things and objects usually found in cities as well as describing them both in English and Spanish. This unit has been chosen for us since we’ll be doing the City Experience Program eventually once we begin secondary school. We’ve also been using our favourite resources to help us learn, such as iPads and various translating tools.

‘I like the fact that we can enjoy a social aspect while we do our work’ –Adam (6D)

‘It was fun and interesting to learn about our new topic for Term 3’ –Nitin (6C)

Welcome to 6D’s Term 2 blog

Welcome to 6D’s week 6 blog. In the past few weeks, for reading we have been focusing on the main idea as well as looking beyond the text. We have been doing PAT testing over the past few days.

In Writing we focused on the structure of a narrative and persuasive text. We’ve been working on our persuasive texts and looking at advertisements and we looked at persuasive language to sell our products. We made a good copy on our iPads and presented our products to the class.

Everyone is learning to develop their writing skills with write on time, we also have a good laugh when someone is presenting. We also have been developing a positive classroom environment where we have a positive investigator everyday looking out for people who are showing the school values.

In CBL besides looking at the topic of survival and what that means, we have also included a geographical perspective looking at and creating maps of the different continents; with a special focus on Australia.

In Maths, we have been looking at graphs and data. We made pizza graphs by using our favourite toppings. We also did a fun theme park activity were we had to manage our money and time. In term two for 5/6 sport we had a choice of Footy, Dodgeball, Soccer. We’re always looking forward for good weather to play sport.



Term 2 Health and Physical Education

Hi All,

During the first half of the term in Health and Physical Education we have been focusing on our kicking skills and tactics/gameplay in soccer. Over the last couple of weeks we have begun our Volleyball unit, where we created posters after researching different skills and have now put those skills into practice. We are enjoying Volleyball as it is something different and new to many of us and we look forward to playing a match in future lessons!

Thanks for reading,

Miss Chetcuti

Grade 6 – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 2, we Grade 6s have started learning to express what we do throughout, such as learning, playing and socializing with our friends. The second part of this unit will involve us saying what we will be doing in the future, such as working, studying and travelling. We look forward to the learning that lies ahead for Term 2.

‘I’m enjoying Spanish because we are doing different stuff every lesson’ – Marcos (6D)

‘I’m enjoying the new topic’ – Claire (6B)

‘I’ve really liked doing translating in Spanish’ – Pema (6C)


Fun with the Non-Campers

While we didn’t go to camp, we had a great time back at school.



On Wednesday we had a lot of fun! In out first session we got to do Pop Art. Pop Art is a type of art that can be a picture of an onomatopoeia word, foods we shop for, or faces. You need to add a mixture of stripes, dots and solid colour.

Some of us also got creative and put our own style on our drawings.


Then we got to bake cookies (sorry pizza, maybe next time). We used only three ingredients – flour, butter and caster sugar. We used cookie cutters to shape our cookies. There were flowers and gingerbread men and some people made their own shapes like stars and balls. While we waited for them to cook we watched ‘Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps’.


After snack we iced our cookies and got to eat them (or take them home, for people who were sharing …or for people who wanted a snack at home).

Scavenger Hunt

To finish off the day we did a scavenger hunt around the school. We had to match pictures with places and objects found in the the playground and outside areas. Sometimes we needed to ask for help. It was a lot of fun.



On day two for the non-campers program we started off with a STEM activity. It was about trying to get the gingerbread man across the river on a raft. We used popsicle sticks, glue, tape, string, pipe cleaners, aluminium foil, cling wrap and plastic cups to make our vessel. There were three tests the raft had to pass. They were:

  • being able to be blown across the ‘river’
  • staying afloat for three minutes, and
  • the drop test

Kashyap recorded the results, which you can see below. Congratulations to Lakshdeep and Arshdeep, Lucas and Kovidh, and Tasleen, Tali and Emma.

Juggling Balls

We made juggling balls and while we were making them there were flour leaks. We got flour on ourselves and on the carpet. We needed flour and balloons to make our balls. The flour was put into plastic bottles and the balloon was blown up a little bit and placed over the top of the bottle. We tipped the bottle upside down so the flour went into the balloon and then we tied it up. Another balloon was put over the top of the first one and some parts were cut so we could see the colour of the balloon under the top balloon.

Ultimate Frisbee

At the end of the day we played ultimate frisbee. This game was a hybrid of footy, soccer and netball. We found out that it was actually quite difficult, especially trying to pass it. We got much better as the game went on. We were spreading out more and calling for the frisbee. While we can’t agree on the final score, both teams managed to score multiple goals.



On Friday we watched a movie called ‘Daddy Daycare’. It was a lot of fun to watch. There was a funny part where a man was whacking a beehive with a stick. When he hit it harder, a bunch of bees started chasing him. Another character came in with a hose and sprayed the bees to get them away. Although the graphics were cheesy, it was funny and had some important messages about gender equality and taking care of your family.


That then took us to our final session together in the classroom where we wrote this blog post for you! We hope you enjoyed reading all about what we got up to.

By Non-Campers Group 2.

5/6 Camp – YMCA Anglesea

We had such an amazing time at Anglesea YMCA for 3 days of fun activities and exploring nature!

I led Group 6 with Jordan, Nick, Ghaith, Aydin, Gisele, Keerit, Briana, Rukmini, Oneli, Mahrosh, Samreen, Anthony, Eliot and Jack.

We engaged in a total of 8 activities across the 3 days; Orienteering, Kitchen Garden, Camp Search, Giant Swing, GaGa, Vertical Challenge, Hut Building and Archery.

We all tried our best and used excellent team work skills in our activities and really enjoyed every one of them! Our favourite activity was GaGa and we’re hoping to one day get a GaGa pit put in the school yard!

Here’s some snaps of our time at camp! 🙂

Kitchen Garden


Giant Swing


Vertical Challenge

Hut Building


More photos are available on Google Drive. If you do not have access check in with your classroom teacher 🙂

Thanks for checking in!
– Miss Sugg