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6B’s Blog Post

Hi and welcome to legendary 6B’s Blog Post. This term we have been learning all about Statistics and Probability, sequencing texts, Explanation tests, Strength and Sunshine, Graduation practices and Assembly practice.

In Maths, we have been learning about Statistics and Probability. In Statics and Probability we have been doing a bunch of Chance experiments like; flipping a coin to see how many times it lands on heads and how many times it lands on tails. Since there is only two outcomes which are equal, it would be even chance.

In Writing, we have been exploring Explanation texts. Explanation texts basically explain something, for an example; if you were reading an Explanation text on the life cycles of a moth it would explain the life cycle of a moth and tells you only about that subject.

In Reading, we have been learning about sequencing texts. This is important because if you put a part of your story in the wrong place then your reader would be extremely confused. If we know how to sequence our text, then our text will be much more easy to read and you will know what is going on in the right places.

In Strength and Sunshine, we have been learning about how to motivate someone and how to be nice while motivating. We have been learning how to give back constructive feedback and not frozen feedback.
In Graduation practice, we have been learning a new song and our schedule.
It is finally time for 6B’s and 5D’s assembly! We are going to be preparing a surprise performance

This is all 6B has been up to. Hope you have had a great time reading it. We have been doing Explanation texts, Sequencing texts, Strength and Sunshine, Graduation practice, Assembly practice and Statistics and Probability.  6B out!

Grade 6 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With our last unit of Spanish upon us, we’ve begun to learn how to say in Spanish different sports and their associated accessories in Spanish. This learning will also touch on how the Spanish language has different words for the word ‘the’. We look forward to using these accordingly as we improve our knowledge of this Term’s content.

‘I’ve liked learning how to say different sports in Spanish’ –  Olivia (6C)

‘The crosswords and word searches in Spanish have been really good’ –  Tayfun (6B)

Welcome to Term 4

A very warm welcome to all our readers, this is our first blog post for Term 4. It is the final Term of the year and all the Grade 6s are having trouble keeping their excitement in check. We all cannot wait till graduation, it’s going to be a blast! While we are waiting for this year to end we have been doing a lot of learning. In this blog post I will be talking about: Reading, Writing, Maths, CBL and practicing graduation.

In Reading, we have been learning all about fables and how to identify the tone and the mood in the text using context clues. We have also been learning how to identify the moral in the text. We have also started our new class novel; Counting by 7s, it is about a girl called Willow Chance.

In Writing, we have been writing our very own fables so we can understand how the tone and mood works. We also been making sure that our fable is using character developments. We have been learning about morals and how we can apply them to our work and not make bad decisions in later life.

In Maths, we have been learning a lot about 3D shapes. Recently we have done an activity where we make our 3D shapes with toothpicks and play dough. We have been doing a lot of activities about Geometry and I can tell you that we have learnt a lot over the last week.

In CBL, our big idea is Environment. We have been learning a lot about how are actions affect the environment around us and how that in turn affects the people around us.

In Graduation Practice, we have been learning what we are going to be doing in it. We have all learnt the schedule of the graduation. In the graduation we are going to be singing a song but I won’t mention it here so we can keep it a surprise for the parents.

In conclusion, 6B have been working really hard for the past week and we will continue to work harder.

Learning in 6B

Recently, 6B has been learning fun and interesting areas in math about area and perimeter. The class has been completing a variety of area and perimeter questions, and rich tasks.  We’ve also been finishing up on fractions by solving different questions and completing a math rich task about building a bakery. That task sure made us pretty hungry!

In reading and writing 6B has been learning all about perspectives. We’ve been learning about writing perspectives from another character’s point of view by reading That Boy, Jack and writing about Gilbert’s perspective. The class has also watched a video, Voices in the Park and describing the four main characters perspectives. 6B has also been practising about including different text features and finishing off already written work.

In CBL, we have started our CBL resolution. The challenge is “Sharing the importance of Curiosity” and we have all been working hard to finish it on time.

In our morning class meetings we have been problem solving a variety of problems ranging from inside the class to out on the yard. We have also been practising talking like a Pirate for ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’.



Buddies and Book Week

On the 9th of August 6B went to their buddy class to take part in a creative competition. We were building rafts with lollipop sticks, tape, pipe cleaners and other  resources that we had to share between the buddies. After we had designed our rafts we had taped on paper gingerbread men to see if they would remain dry after the rafts were put into water. Fortunately all of our buddies prevailed but the winner was the talented buddy pair, Koini and her buddy Aylah.  Both Miss Ludlow’s class and Miss Tobin’s class had lots of fun.

Recently, we celebrated book week and although not everyone dressed up as a character we still had a colourful parade. The day before book week 6B created book reviews of an enjoyed book to give them an idea of what to wear the next day. All the 5/6 teachers that day were dressed as coloured crayons from the book “The day the crayons quit”. We ended the day with a parade on the basketball court and took a memorable cohort photo.   🙂

Maori Art.

This year in Art we have looked at the way cultures survive through their art works and how these works represent their beliefs. We designed our own Koru paintings using watercolour paint and pictures of ferns for inspiration. The fern frond represents new life in Maori culture. We also designed our own Tikis that we sculpted using clay and painted with acrylic paint when they were dry. Tikis were worn to protect the wearer from harm. Thanks for visiting our blog and return soon to see some more of our art work.


Lately in 6B, we have been learning all about poems. Here are two that students wanted the opportunity to share.

The Magic Library

It’s a magic place for wonders,

It’s free for all to see,

The wonders of these pages,

The wonders we have when we read,

A place that seems so tarnished and torn,

Gives you all the secrets,

To success and flaws,

When a book takes you to another world,

You know within these pages,

Within theses words,

Unlike some characters,

Stories don’t perish.

They stay in our hearts,

For us to cherish,

For fantasy, sci-fi and great tall tales,

They intrigue us with stories,

That never fail,

So read those stories,

So read those books,

‘Cause most of them,

Are more then just looks,

There tales, adventures and treacherous quests,

So go ahead, read on,




There once was a kite

That looked like a bike

And it was on a diet

And that’s how it died




Caring, emotional

Fighting, helping, reacting

There are quick reactions







Welcome to Term 3

Hello and welcome to 6B’s Term 3 Blog Post.  We have all just arrived from the really refreshing holidays ready to learn. We have been learning a whole lot of things like poetry and fractions.

In Maths, we have been learning about proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed fractions. We have also been learning how to make an improper fraction MAD! No, not that MAD, it’s the other one, you know the Math operation Multiply, Add and Drag. It is where you multiply the whole number by the denominator then you add the sum onto the numerator and then you drag the denominator back down.

In Writing, we have been learning a whole variety of Poems, so far we have done: Cinquain poems, Diamante poems and Haiku poems. They were really fun to make and present. We are currently making an anthology which is a big book of poems. I am sure by the end of this Term, 6B will be the greatest poets to ever live.

This Term’s CBL big idea is curiosity and these few weeks we have been looking at how curiosity shaped Australia. We are looking at Australian inventions and how that changed the world.

This is Sausage. She is not for eating though, she is a blue tongued lizard and she normally lives in Ms. Officer’s room but sometimes she pokes her head through our classroom door for a pat on the head from Ms. Ludlow.

Grade 6 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 3, we Grade 6s have started learning to express and say in Spanish the different things and objects usually found in cities as well as describing them both in English and Spanish. This unit has been chosen for us since we’ll be doing the City Experience Program eventually once we begin secondary school. We’ve also been using our favourite resources to help us learn, such as iPads and various translating tools.

‘I like the fact that we can enjoy a social aspect while we do our work’ –Adam (6D)

‘It was fun and interesting to learn about our new topic for Term 3’ –Nitin (6C)

6B’s Post

These two weeks have been very busy. With us having to start researching for our CBL Solution, using our Problem Solving Task Cards and learning about TEEL paragraphing.

In CBL, our Big Idea is Survival and in that we are learning about Natural Disasters. Each person has chosen a different Natural Disaster and started researching about them. We have learnt many things while researching. Did you know, that the Black Plague killed about 50% of the population of Europe before ending because of cold weather killing of the disease.

Our Writing has been linked to our CBL. While learning about TEEL paragraphing we have been using the TEEL strategy as an information report organiser. The TEEL strategy consists of: Topic, Evidence, Explanation and Link.

In Maths, we have been learning about Problem Solving. In Showbie we have have been solving the Problem Solving Task Cards, in this we have been learning the CUBES strategy. The CUBES strategy consists of: Circle important numbers, Underline the Question, Box any Maths action words, Evaluate the steps to take, Solve and check.

So far these two weeks have been really fun with researching, Problem Solving and learning about TEEL. We are looking forward to completing all our work soon.