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Maori Art.

This year in Art we have looked at the way cultures survive through their art works and how these works represent their beliefs. We designed our own Koru paintings using watercolour paint and pictures of ferns for inspiration. The fern frond represents new life in Maori culture. We also designed our own Tikis that we sculpted using clay and painted with acrylic paint when they were dry. Tikis were worn to protect the wearer from harm. Thanks for visiting our blog and return soon to see some more of our art work.

Welcome Back from 6A

Welcome Back and welcome to Term 3!

The first 2 weeks have been full steam ahead, it was like we didn’t just have two weeks of HOLIDAYS! Miss Keath likes to remind us that we have one semester left before we’re off to High school so we need to keep focused on our learning until the very end of the year.

To jump into our first week we revised our classroom expectations and looked at creating acrostic poems of our school values and what they look like within our classroom community. This was a little hint into what we were going to start looking at in Reading and Writing because in week 2, Miss Keath surprised us with an introduction into Poetry! We have already investigated Haiku poems and created a range of those ensuring we followed the 5, 7, 5 syllabic pattern. We also used this structure to create a poem about our CBL Big Idea Curiosity.

We have wasted no time getting back into things and have started looking at our new topics for the term. In Numeracy our focus is fractions (for Number and Algebra). To help with our learning we have started to use Exit Slips as a reflection during maths sessions. This is a quick and easy way to show Miss Keath how confident we are with certain skill or concept in maths and where we might need some extra help. Our mindset on fractions is slowly beginning to change as we are working as a team to ensure we achieve our goals in maths as we were all a little scared when Miss Keath said we were looking at fractions.




In Literacy, we have been investigating poetry as well as starting our new class text – That Boy, Jack. So far we love the story and have been using this text as well as Fish in a Tree to create a well structured reading response to our own texts. We follow a simple 3 stage process and we are able to reflect on our reading and showcase our understanding. With this we have also started to look at Blooms Taxonomy – Higher Order Thinking which is going beyond retelling things we have learnt and using what we known and doing something with our thinking. It is only fresh to our classroom but so far it is a great way to think deeper about a text rather than skim the surface and move to the next book. We decided as a class to use the same text each week to work our way through the 6 stages of Blooms Taxonomy as this way we can see our thinking change and get deeper as we progress up the hierarchy.








For CBL, our journey into the Big Idea of Curiosity has begun. We have been tuning into our specific focus of how curiosity has shaped Australia by viewing various provocations. Some of the ways we have shown our thinking are through cut and paste sorts, sketch-noting, venn diagrams and circle webs. We have also created a class sketch note of our wonderings as a new and different way to display our questions around our CBL Big Idea.



Congratulations to Jack and Aahil for receiving our Students of the Week last week for showing Teamwork in the classroom.

Stay tuned for more adventures from 6A.

The past few weeks in 6A

Hi all,

Over the last few weeks we have had a number of things happening inside our classroom.

In writing we have continued looking at Persuasive Writing. This fortnight we looked at Persuasive reviews which can be for both written and media texts. We chose our favourite book and used a graphic organiser to plan a persuasive review trying to convince Miss Keath to read our book. We just finished publishing these and they are up on display in our room – feel free to come and check them out!

We also started up our Writing Workshops this week. These are like Writing Groups only BETTER! They are just fresh to starting so we will make sure we write a whole blog post about it at the end of this week so you can all see how they work! So keep an eye out 😀









In reading we have continued to strengthen our knowledge of a range of reading skills that we can use to help answer questions and comprehend a text we are reading. We decided to use these skills we have learnt to help plan a story. We used a common graphic organisers to support our thinking and have begun drafting our stories. Here are some of our plans.












In CBL we continued looking at a range of environments where animals, people and plants need to survive. We learnt about credible websites and used a Lotus Diagram to present our findings. We found similar environments such as Rainforests and Dry forests have different survival needs for any plant, animals or person trying to survive there.









In Maths, we got to play a new board game using our skills of telling the time. There were a range of playing cards we had to either convert 12 and 24 hour time, find the elapsed time and even work out how many months are in 5 years and 6 months! We can’t wait to play again!









This week our Students of the Week were Grisha and Emmagrace. We are very proud of our peers!

Don’t forget that next Thursday (28th of June) are our 3 way Conferences – we can’t wait to show off our work to our parents!

That’s all for now, bye folks 😀

Update on 6A’s Learning

Hi all,

It has been a busy few weeks in 6A. We can not believe it is already Week 5!

In maths we have been focusing on a range of problem solving questions that require the use of all 4 operations. We also have discussed and created our own line graphs on how Australia’s population has change in the last 10 years. This has linked to our CBL topic of Survival and led to discussions around what has impacted the decline of population here and also why we think it has increased.

This week we also got to have a hands on maths rotation session. We had 6 different sections set up and we got to use a range of skills such as addition, multiplication, division as well as looking at 2D shapes and currency. This was a great way for us to work in teams with people other than our friends. We worked on our communication skills through this which was helping us build as a stronger team.









Gotchya Board 
We’re here to tell you about how our Gotchya Board is going within our classroom community. We have been working towards our weekly reward for meeting our class goal. We reflected on our goal last week which was around taking initiative in our learning and we all agreed we worked hard and achieved this. Upon reflection we decided we needed to work on being a strong team by working on how we communicate with each other.









Tell me a story Tuesday
We continue to work on unpacking a range of Reading Skills each week. This week we worked on unpacking figurative language techniques. We use real world scenarios and look at how we can use this reading skill to support a range of reading strategies – this weeks activity linked to Visualising when reading. We love Tell me a Story Tuesday as it is a fun and creative way to link our knowledge to reading and transfer this to written texts.

We worked as a team to create a simply 3 key word process to help us break down our success during this session. The 3 words we used is IDENTIFY, DEFINE, APPLY.  We used the identifying to find the clues in the text to help us recognise which figurative language technique was being used. Define was to define the technique being used using the appropriate language. Finally, Apply, this is where we got to use our new/old prior knowledge to write our own figurative language techniques to match our chosen prompt.









Persuasive Writers’ 
At the beginning of the term Miss Keath asked us how we felt about writing a persuasive text. A lot of our class said they don’t like writing persuasive texts as they find it hard. Miss Keath and 6A have been working together to unpack the structure of a range of persuasive texts – over the last fortnight we have focused on letters and advertisements.

Our letters are on a range of topics we believe need to be addressed by people such as the Prime Minister and also leaders on the UN and even NASA. After breaking down the structure and competing a range of activities where we could apply a range of persuasive devices to different topics we moved into the drafting phase.
We completed our drafts and have a 3 step process for editing – we have created a key for better understanding on who has edited our work. We use the TAG feedback strategy to help our peers improve their writing piece before heading to Miss Keath for a teacher conference. Keep a look out for our published pieces.












We also looked at Persuasive Advertisements. We got to link this to Survival. We were to create an Ad for an object that we each NEEDED to Survive. Some of us went for gaming systems while others went for things like water!








Also congratulations Ahmed and Isabella for receiving our Students of the Week last week for showing the value of Achievement. We are very proud of our classmates!

That’s all for now! 😀

What’s been happening in 6A

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know about our past week in 6A.

First of all we want to congratulate all our our classmates who attended Cross Country last Friday. We also want to give a loud SHOUT OUT to Camryn and Gizelle who are continuing to represent our school at the next level for Cross Country. Camryn also took 2nd Prize for the day in her division! #ACPSReps





We got to see our buddies again this week and help them finish their Mother’s Day card! We loved seeing all the beautiful messages for our buddies mothers and helping them write and decorate their cards.








5/6 Sport
5/6 Sport is back for Term 2! This Term we have Dodgeball, Soccer and Football that we can play. We were very lucky the rain went away on Wednesday and the sun came out. We all enjoyed playing in mixed teams of both Year 5s and Year 6s. We are looking forward to our next 5/6 Sport session.



We have been unpacking a range of reading strategies and linking these strategies to how we can use a range of reading skills to show evidence when working towards our reading goals. We use real life scenarios and have looked at Sequencing and Fact and Opinion so far which we know can help us with summarising, predicting and inferencing!





After our provocation walk last week, we went back and revisited the meaning of survival and created a class definition of what it means to us. We also discussed how Survival can be broken into 3 areas; MY survival, COMMUNITY survival and WORLD survival.
We wrote down all of our wonderings and unpacked our guiding questions to create categories for our Hexagonal Thinking Display. We are very proud of our work and can’t wait to start investigating our questions.








That’s it from us this week 😀

Welcome Back 6A!

Hi all,

We’re already at week 2! We have a busy term ahead!
For now we will fill you in on some of news from the first 2 weeks.


On Wednesday 24th May, ACPS had a whole school assembly to commemorate the events of ANZAC Day. In the build up, we created a poppy wreath to present at the assembly. As you can see, the poppy’s are surrounded by all of the hands of 6A! We also were lucky enough to hear a beautiful poem written by our peer Stella during the assembly! We are very proud of her efforts!

CBL Provocations

This week, all of the Y5/6 students had a ‘gallery walk’ around each other’s classrooms. In each room was a provocation that the students could watch, read or interact with. During our Gallery walk we noted down our responses to a range of questions to help provoke our thinking and questions  on our Term 2 Big Idea of Survival.


This Term has also seen us start out new “gotchya” tokens.  We spent some time setting up the new board as well as setting a class goal which will see us focusing on being ready for learning. We are all proud of our classroom community and their efforts in receiving gotchya tokens for displaying the school values throughout the week!


After a long break from seeing our Prep buddies we had our first session together on Thursday afternoon. We were all so excited to hear about their holidays and also had a lovely Arts and Crafts session where we created a range of foods we believe we couldn’t Survive without. There was a lot of Pizza and Cakes being made!! YUMMMM!

Congratulations to Stella and Yousif who both were recognised in the Assembly awards for their Achievements in the classroom this past week.

Keep checking in for more updates on our term in 6A!

Fun with the Non-Campers

While we didn’t go to camp, we had a great time back at school.



On Wednesday we had a lot of fun! In out first session we got to do Pop Art. Pop Art is a type of art that can be a picture of an onomatopoeia word, foods we shop for, or faces. You need to add a mixture of stripes, dots and solid colour.

Some of us also got creative and put our own style on our drawings.


Then we got to bake cookies (sorry pizza, maybe next time). We used only three ingredients – flour, butter and caster sugar. We used cookie cutters to shape our cookies. There were flowers and gingerbread men and some people made their own shapes like stars and balls. While we waited for them to cook we watched ‘Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps’.


After snack we iced our cookies and got to eat them (or take them home, for people who were sharing …or for people who wanted a snack at home).

Scavenger Hunt

To finish off the day we did a scavenger hunt around the school. We had to match pictures with places and objects found in the the playground and outside areas. Sometimes we needed to ask for help. It was a lot of fun.



On day two for the non-campers program we started off with a STEM activity. It was about trying to get the gingerbread man across the river on a raft. We used popsicle sticks, glue, tape, string, pipe cleaners, aluminium foil, cling wrap and plastic cups to make our vessel. There were three tests the raft had to pass. They were:

  • being able to be blown across the ‘river’
  • staying afloat for three minutes, and
  • the drop test

Kashyap recorded the results, which you can see below. Congratulations to Lakshdeep and Arshdeep, Lucas and Kovidh, and Tasleen, Tali and Emma.

Juggling Balls

We made juggling balls and while we were making them there were flour leaks. We got flour on ourselves and on the carpet. We needed flour and balloons to make our balls. The flour was put into plastic bottles and the balloon was blown up a little bit and placed over the top of the bottle. We tipped the bottle upside down so the flour went into the balloon and then we tied it up. Another balloon was put over the top of the first one and some parts were cut so we could see the colour of the balloon under the top balloon.

Ultimate Frisbee

At the end of the day we played ultimate frisbee. This game was a hybrid of footy, soccer and netball. We found out that it was actually quite difficult, especially trying to pass it. We got much better as the game went on. We were spreading out more and calling for the frisbee. While we can’t agree on the final score, both teams managed to score multiple goals.



On Friday we watched a movie called ‘Daddy Daycare’. It was a lot of fun to watch. There was a funny part where a man was whacking a beehive with a stick. When he hit it harder, a bunch of bees started chasing him. Another character came in with a hose and sprayed the bees to get them away. Although the graphics were cheesy, it was funny and had some important messages about gender equality and taking care of your family.


That then took us to our final session together in the classroom where we wrote this blog post for you! We hope you enjoyed reading all about what we got up to.

By Non-Campers Group 2.

5/6 Camp – YMCA Anglesea

We had such an amazing time at Anglesea YMCA for 3 days of fun activities and exploring nature!

I led Group 6 with Jordan, Nick, Ghaith, Aydin, Gisele, Keerit, Briana, Rukmini, Oneli, Mahrosh, Samreen, Anthony, Eliot and Jack.

We engaged in a total of 8 activities across the 3 days; Orienteering, Kitchen Garden, Camp Search, Giant Swing, GaGa, Vertical Challenge, Hut Building and Archery.

We all tried our best and used excellent team work skills in our activities and really enjoyed every one of them! Our favourite activity was GaGa and we’re hoping to one day get a GaGa pit put in the school yard!

Here’s some snaps of our time at camp! 🙂

Kitchen Garden


Giant Swing


Vertical Challenge

Hut Building


More photos are available on Google Drive. If you do not have access check in with your classroom teacher 🙂

Thanks for checking in!
– Miss Sugg

Grade 6 – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With high school coming up, we learnt about different types of professions that we want to pursue in the future. The most popular ones were professor (teacher) and deportista (sports player). We also researched our very own desired profession and expressed it in Spanish. We had many opportunities throughout Term 1 to learn alongside our peers, use technology and personalise this unit for ourselves.

‘Spanish is fun’ – Ria (6B)

‘We challenged ourselves in Spanish’ – Claire (6B)

‘Rockalingua was really engaging’ – Aaisha (6B)