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My buddy is having so much fun-Tiana
My buddy are learning how to play fair. We also enjoyed counting as well whilst making our game.- Senay
My buddy is really enjoying our game board making. We are counting together and having lots of fun.- Blessing



Year 5C students have been busy describing the features of 3D shapes. They have been learning to name the shape accurately, identifying how many faces, edges and vertices there are.  The next step was to make them out of straws.

We enjoyed counting the edges, sides and vertices of 3D shapes-Blessing

I have learnt that 3D shapes have sides, faces and vertices. It was fun working with Arush- Gabriel L

We enjoyed working in groups creating 3D shapes-Onil & Ali

We drew shapes  from a different perspective which was a lot of fun-Dilni


Grade 5 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With Term 4 upon us, we’ve begun to learn how to say various ICT items in Spanish. As Term 4 progresses, we’ll be learning how to state in Spanish whether some ICT items are cheap or expensive. This topic is engaging since we love technology! We look forward to the learning that we have in store for the rest of the Term.

‘I’ve had the best year of Spanish’ – Mustafa (5B)

‘I’ve enjoyed learning different types of technology’ – Talia (5B)

Fun Fractions

We’ve had heaps of fun this week, “Designing Our Own School,” by using a 10×10 grid and designing areas for playgrounds, a library, an oval and other facilities. We used percentages of our choice to represent these areas. We also got to play the online game where we observed the number line displaying equivalent fractions.

We also explored paper folding shapes into equal parts and labeling the equal parts with written fractions.


Reading Without Walls

We love to read under our trees around our beautiful school gardens at Aitken Creek Primary School. Reading outside the classroom, in our school environment, helps us to identify with the characters of the book as we imagine their environment.



Did you know that every time you eat a piece of cake or a piece of pizza, you are eating a fraction?

A fraction is one part of a whole. If you eat less than one whole cake or pizza you only have one part of it so the fraction just tells you how much of that part you have had.

When we talk about fractions we talk about equal parts of a whole.

To properly place more than one fraction on a number line, it is important to first understand how to compare and order fractions. This is easiest if the fractions have the same denominator. If this is the case, simply order the fractions from least to greatest based on their numerators and place them on the number line.

We also practiced making equivalent fractions, such as: 1/6 + 1/6 = 1/3

We had fun playing Fraction Bingo and Fraction dominoes.

Stay tuned for more information on ‘Fun Fractions’ next week.


Grade 5 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With the start of term 3, we’ve started learning how to say different foods in Spanish. We’ve enjoyed using our iPads to research and do our work. We’ve also enjoyed using various translation tools to aid us in our verbal learning of the designated Spanish words for each lesson. It’s a topic which engages us a lot so we look forward for what’s in store for the rest of unit!

‘I enjoyed learning how to say a variety of foods’ –Shivya (5C)

‘I enjoyed doing the activity that was set out for the class’ – Raidyn (5D)

Wonderful Writers of 5C

                                 Plane Crash

By Author: Kabir Jason Bhuria
It was a sunny day when Ben, and four friends named Justin, Jake, Charlie and Alan Grant who were best friends had decided to go on a holiday, so they started packing. As they took their seats on the plane they started to hear weird noises. They tried to ignore these noises but then they got louder so they asked the pilot what was going on. “It’s just a minor glitch, so don’t worry,” he replied
Ben asked again, ”Sorry. Could you please explain?”
“The turbines might be on fire,” replied the pilot.
Ben began to get worried. Charlie ran to the window and realised it was true. The system was deactivated.
Suddenly they sprinted towards the emergency exit and by then the plane had landed in the water, however, luckily they all knew how to swim. They saw land in the distance and they started swimming as fast they could go. Jake started to cry from happiness and sadness as they reached land.
They began to collect some items for survival because they realised that they were stranded and might be there for a while. So slowly they got more items. Then after a few hours of work they had finally made a spear each.
“We can use this for fishing!” said Ben.
Suddenly, a tribe man showed up with his army which is when the boys screamed and ran for their life. They ran as fast as they could, however the tribe men caught up with them and put them in a cage. The boys broke though the cage because it was made of wood and escaped. The boys ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction.
Just as they had lost hope, they spot an abandoned plane which meant there were more survivors. After a few minutes then heard someone call out “hello. I am Hallow. What are your names?”
“Our names are Ben, Jake, Charlie and Alan”. They became good friends and started to make plans about flying the plane but they needed one more part.
Just then the tribal men reappeared but this time they fought them off and the tribes men retreated.
 Hallow cried out, “I have got a feeling they will come back stronger”.
Ben cried out “what now!!!!!!!!!!” Justin yelled out, “just run!!!!!”
They hear a cannon shot “boom!!!”
Alan shouted out loud, “that sizzled my hair!!!!!!!!”
Charlie had an idea! “We have no choice! Let’s take the scuba gear, that I see under that tree and swim away. As they dive under water, a fin pops out of no-where. It looked like it belonged to a dolphin with monstrous knife like teeth. Justin says “it’s a shark.” They swim until they are surrounded, however Jeffrey gets a brilliant idea which was to feed the sharks with some spare meat and as he thought this would distract the sharks. As the sharks feasted on the meat, once again, they were lucky enough to escape danger.
After a long swim the boys come to the other side of the island only to discover that they had come to civilisation.
“Help us! They called out to the tourists who were having a great time. They led the boys to the airport and before they knew they were on their way home.
“Now that was some adventure!