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Grade 6 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With our last unit of Spanish upon us, we’ve begun to learn how to say in Spanish different sports and their associated accessories in Spanish. This learning will also touch on how the Spanish language has different words for the word ‘the’. We look forward to using these accordingly as we improve our knowledge of this Term’s content.

‘I’ve liked learning how to say different sports in Spanish’ –  Olivia (6C)

‘The crosswords and word searches in Spanish have been really good’ –  Tayfun (6B)

Grade 5 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With Term 4 upon us, we’ve begun to learn how to say various ICT items in Spanish. As Term 4 progresses, we’ll be learning how to state in Spanish whether some ICT items are cheap or expensive. This topic is engaging since we love technology! We look forward to the learning that we have in store for the rest of the Term.

‘I’ve had the best year of Spanish’ – Mustafa (5B)

‘I’ve enjoyed learning different types of technology’ – Talia (5B)

Grade 6 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 3, we Grade 6s have started learning to express and say in Spanish the different things and objects usually found in cities as well as describing them both in English and Spanish. This unit has been chosen for us since we’ll be doing the City Experience Program eventually once we begin secondary school. We’ve also been using our favourite resources to help us learn, such as iPads and various translating tools.

‘I like the fact that we can enjoy a social aspect while we do our work’ –Adam (6D)

‘It was fun and interesting to learn about our new topic for Term 3’ –Nitin (6C)

Grade 5 – Term 3 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With the start of term 3, we’ve started learning how to say different foods in Spanish. We’ve enjoyed using our iPads to research and do our work. We’ve also enjoyed using various translation tools to aid us in our verbal learning of the designated Spanish words for each lesson. It’s a topic which engages us a lot so we look forward for what’s in store for the rest of unit!

‘I enjoyed learning how to say a variety of foods’ –Shivya (5C)

‘I enjoyed doing the activity that was set out for the class’ – Raidyn (5D)

Grade 6 – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 2, we Grade 6s have started learning to express what we do throughout, such as learning, playing and socializing with our friends. The second part of this unit will involve us saying what we will be doing in the future, such as working, studying and travelling. We look forward to the learning that lies ahead for Term 2.

‘I’m enjoying Spanish because we are doing different stuff every lesson’ – Marcos (6D)

‘I’m enjoying the new topic’ – Claire (6B)

‘I’ve really liked doing translating in Spanish’ – Pema (6C)


Grade 5 – Term 2 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Spanish for Term 2, we Grade 5s have started our unit on Sport and the different types of accessories that belong to each sport. We have particularly enjoyed the cultural aspect of this unit, since we have been able to watch videos of aspects of sports from Spanish-speaking countries. We look forward to the learning that will take place for the rest of Term 2.

‘I like doing work that is fun in Spanish’ –  Ali (5C)

‘I look forward to learning about soccer and AFL I Spanish’ – Mustafa (5B)

‘I’ve been enjoying doing some translating work because it helps me learn a lot better’ – Abaan (5D)

‘I look forward to learning new words about sports in Spanish’ – Taylor (5D)

‘I’ve really liked doing the Kahoots’ – Hazal (5D)

Grade 6 – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With high school coming up, we learnt about different types of professions that we want to pursue in the future. The most popular ones were professor (teacher) and deportista (sports player). We also researched our very own desired profession and expressed it in Spanish. We had many opportunities throughout Term 1 to learn alongside our peers, use technology and personalise this unit for ourselves.

‘Spanish is fun’ – Ria (6B)

‘We challenged ourselves in Spanish’ – Claire (6B)

‘Rockalingua was really engaging’ – Aaisha (6B)

Grade 5 – Term 1 Spanish – Mr Pablo

In Grade 5, we learnt about a variety of hobbies and how to express whether we liked something or not. This unit was especially fun because we could personally choose what we liked or disliked, and then express that in Spanish. Our favourite activities involved creating and using Kahoot quizzes to test our knowledge of what we had learnt.

‘I loved making my own Kahoot in Spanish’ – Tiana (5C)

‘It was fun learning to say what I like to do’ – Gorgies (5C)

‘I liked learning about this term’s topic’ – Angel (5B)

‘I learnt how to say stuff that I like in Spanish’ – Kanav (5B)