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5B Weeks 6&7 Learning Update

Hello and welcome back to 5B’s blog. Here’s a snippet of what we’ve been up to these past couple of weeks.

In Reading this fortnight we have been unpacking the structural and language features of a range of text types. We focused on explanation texts in depth, identifying the difference between an explanation and an information/procedural. We then used our knowledge gained from exploring these texts to plan our own explanation texts in Writing.

In Writing we were able to choose our own topic and write an explanation text about it. We used 2 different graphic organisers to plan and pre-plan our explanation texts to ensure we followed the correct structure and features. Next week we will continue through the Writing Process, drafting, editing and revising and then publishing our explanation texts in a How Stuff Works class book.

We’ve been exploring Chance and Probability this fortnight in Maths. We investigated the probability of an event from a scale of 0-1 by listing some scenarios and placing them along the scale, such as
“It is likely I will forget to put my iPad in the ICT drawer and Miss Sugg will need to remind me” – Aydin
“It is certain the moon will rise tonight” – Aaliyah
We also conducted some chance experiments, identifying the sample space and likelihood of specific outcomes (theoretical outcomes), recording our results and representing the data using fractions, decimals, percentages and side-by-side column graphs (experimental outcomes).

We have continued our investigation into the Big Idea of Environment this Term. We have started looking at the actions people make and how that affects the environment they are in. We explored cause and effect and how every action has an outcome with positives and negatives. We have started to think about how we are going to meet the challenge of Positively Influence an Environment, identifying how transitions between year levels has impacts on students which could be eased in some way. Keep an eye out for our next blog post with more details about our progress of our solution!

We had the best time with our Prep F buddies! We created board games with a range of twists and turns and constructed our dice using the net of a cube. We were able to play a couple of rounds on our board before playing our favourite indoor game – Silent Ball! Prep F have gotten very good at it!

Assembly award winners for Week 6: Ansh and Aydin
3-6 Assembly Friday 29th November
Student Leadership applications due Monday 25th November

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– 5B

Term 4 Learning Update

Another 2 weeks of learning completed in Term 4. Here’s what we’ve been doing in 5B this fortnight.

In Reading we have been exploring Fables and Fairytales, investigating the features and structures that make it a Fable or Fairytale. We continued our investigation of other text types, finding the evidence in the text to support the identified text type.

We used our learning of Fairytale structures and features in Reading to write or own Fairytales this week. We were sure to include things like magical creatures and a lesson for the reader. We wrote a Fairytale where the protagonist prevails, then explored writing twisted Fairytales where the antagonist comes out on top.

In Maths we have been investigating Angles. We performed the Angles song to consolidate our knowledge of types of angles, which helped us a lot because we could sing or hum it whilst engaging in our learning of angles. We learnt to measure and draw angles using a protractor and categories into angle type. During our Angles unit, we investigated how to find the opposite angle.

We continued our investigation into different types of Environments and how humans interact with and within these environments. We investigated which behaviours were positive or negative and gave reasons for our classification. After identifying what behaviours we have within a certain environment, we then used a Venn diagram to compare the actions within two different environments.

Assembly award winners: Selena & Senitha

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– 5B

Welcome to Term 4

We’ve had a busy start to our final term as Year 5 students. Here’s what we’ve been up to in 5B

In Maths this fortnight we have been investigating shapes. We identified what 2D shapes fit into a range of composite shapes and used our knowledge of combining 2D shapes to design composite shapes. We engaged in identifying the features of 2D and 3D shapes and how to recognise the net of a 3D shape. As part of our investigation, we went out to the yard to find 3D shapes in real life and categorise into pyramids and prisms. We were then able to create 3D models using toothpicks and playdough.

In Reading we have been exploring what character traits are and how to identify them using context clues such as character dialogue and actions and author’s choice of vocabulary. We investigated how to use these techniques using The Real Story of The Three Little Pigs as a modelled example and then had a go at using these skills in our own reading. We have also explored Fables this week, finding and listing the features of a Fable to support our analysing and writing skills.

We consolidated our knowledge of narratives this week, exploring how to make a narrative interesting for our target audience and teach the reader a lesson. We practiced going through the writing process from Pre-planning to Publishing. After our narratives unit we wrote our own fable using our learning from Reading to scaffold our writing. We made sure to include animals as our characters and a moral for our readers to learning from our story.

We were introduced to our new Big Idea for Term 4, Environment. We engaged in exploring the Big Idea through discussions of what Environment means and the types of environments we know of, using a Word Splash to document our thinking. We engaged in transitions and character traits when discussion Social Environments and compared the actions of people between two different Environments – Digital, Social and Physical.

In our first Buddies session for Term 4 we met with Prep F to design and create a playable board game. We were able to use our knowledge of nets of 3D shapes to construct the dice for our board game and support our Prep buddies to form letters and numbers on our board.

Assembly award winners: Amelia & Dimitri
Student free days Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th November

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– 5B

5B Weeks 8 & 9 Learning Update

Hi all!

We’ve had a very busy Term, but it’s all starting to come to an end! Here’s what we’ve been up to in 5B.

We caught up with our Prep F buddies and showed them how to play Number Soccer! We had such a blast and our buddies learnt how to play very quickly! After our game of Number Soccer we finished off with our new favourite game, Gang Up Tiggy.

Scholastic Book Fair
We held the Scholastic Book Fair in the Prep Art Room in week 8. We had a very special visitor, Clifford the Big Red Dog, who helped greet all of the students and families and recommend some good reads. The Book Fair was a huge success, seeing lots of students going home with new books to read!
A big shout out to all the education staff who came to volunteer their time to help out at the Book Fair!

We continued our exploration of perspectives in Reading, comparing what characters are doing, thinking, saying, seeing, hearing and feeling in a moment using a Venn Diagram.

We used our knowledge of comparing and investigating perspectives to innovate a text, rewriting the text from another characters perspective, living or non-living. We had to make sure we kept the correct verb tense, point of view and the story line was related to the original text. With the beautiful weather we had this week, we were even able to do our writing outside in the sunshine!

We have been exploring measurement these past couple of weeks, investigating perimeter, area, volume and capacity. We practiced using standard and informal units of measurement, making predictions and then analysing the difference between the informal measurement and the accurate standard measurement using standardised tools of measurement.

As we move into the Solution phase of Term 3’s Big Idea of Curiosity for CBL, we are endeavour to meet the challenge of “Share the Importance of Curiosity”. We have decided as a class that we will create a persuasive piece of literature to make our readers think about a topic with the persuasion of the author. We brainstormed inventors, explorers, entertainers, political figures and sporting legends that we could include in our “Historical Figures Face Off” book. We have been exploring how our opinions change with information, which is what we’re aiming to evoke in our readers.

Important dates
– Footy Day Thursday 19th September (come in any football sporting attire, gold coin donation optional)
– End of Term 3 Friday 20th September, students dismissed 2:30pm
– Whole school assembly 1:45pm Friday 20th September

Thanks for checking in!
– 5B

Weeks 6 & 7 learning update

Book Week
On Tuesday of week 6 students dressed up as their favourite character from a book and participated in some book week activities. We had the opportunity to parade around in our costumes with the 5/6 cohort. Check out our group shot!

We caught up with our Buddy class, Prep F, to celebrate Book Week and create some creative bookmarks for our books. We watched a tutorial video then followed the steps to create our very own! We chose our coloured paper and drew designs, working together with our buddies to complete the activity.

Assembly performance
On Friday of week 6, 5B presented at the 3-6 assembly. After a lot of planning and discussion, we decided to present our poetry learning. Students planned and acted out different stories to present how to students, teachers and families.

We have been looking at perspectives in Reading, identifying how different characters are feeling and investigating what they might be thinking or how the situation would change if we were reading the story from their perspective.

We have been using our learning of perspectives in Reading to write stories from different perspectives. We started with That Boy, Jack, a book we’ve been reading in class this term, and then practiced using unknown texts.

We finished our Fraction and Decimals Unit this week in Maths. We learnt how to represent, order and place fractions and decimals along a number line, add and subtract fractions with like denominators and convert between mixed  number and improper fractions. We were then able to apply our knowledge of fractions to complete the Building a Bakery Rich Task.

Thanks for checking in!

5B Term 3 Learning Update

It’s been a busy few weeks in 5B. We’ve been learning about fractions, creating a growth mindset, working towards our CAFE and VOICES goals to further our learning, focusing on our goal of encouraging each other and we even went on an excursion to Craigieburn Secondary College! (You can read all about it in our blog here Here’s a break down of what we’ve been doing in 5B.

We were introduced to our new Big Idea for Term 3, Curiosity. We discussed who needs to be curious and why it is important to be curious.  We engaged in our Big Idea of Curiosity, looking at provocations to spark our thinking of how we could meet our challenge to Share the importance of curiosity. We were introduced to Australian inventions and the scientists who created them, discussing the difference in material and build quality from then to compared to now.

We have started investigating fractions and decimals this term. There was a lot of uncertainty around fractions when we started our unit, but we have come along way with a positive growth mindset! We are now able to confidently say we can visually represent a fraction, compare the value of 2 fractions, order fractions from smallest to largest value and place along a number line. We’ve also been practicing our number fluency through problem solving and playing a range of maths games, such as Bingo! and Buzz.

We were introduced to our new class text this term, That Boy, Jack. We started with a book walk, discussing what we saw on the cover and made a prediction of what is going to happen in the text based on what we read in the blurb. We were also introduced to our new group texts, and were able to do a book walk with our group members and make our own predictions about what will happen in our texts. We have also been focusing on asking questions before, during and after reading to support our understanding of the text, build knowledge of the characters and their role in the text, and get a deeper understanding of the author’s message, purpose and meaning.
Image result for that boy jack

We have been focusing on poetry this term. So far we have explored writing Diamante, Cinquain, and Haiku poems.
Diamante poems take the shape of a Diamond when they are written, have 7 lines and uses nouns, adjectives and verbs to create the poem;
1. noun
2. adjective, adjective
3. verb, verb, verb
4. phrase (related to topic 1), phrase (related to topic 2)
5. verb, verb, verb
6. adjective, adjective
7. noun

Cinquain poems have 5 lines follow a syllable pattern of 2, 4, 6, 8, 2;
1. 2 syllables
2. 4 syllables
3. 6 syllables
4. 8 syllables
5. 2 syllables

Lastly, Haiku’s originate from Japan and are usually written about nature. Haiku’s have 3 lines with a syllable pattern of 5,7,5. ;
1. 5 syllables
2. 7 syllables
3. 5 syllables.

Thanks for checking in! Come back to read up on our learning throughout Term 3!
– 5B

Year 5 Discovery Day

This Tuesday, we had the opportunity to go to Craigieburn Secondary College to get a taste of what High School will be like. The Year 5 classes from schools in the area were invited to participate in 3 different activities for the day, and we were even given a BBQ lunch!

5B had the opportunity to experience high school Art, Production and Food Tech.
In Art we experimented with textures, patterns and colours to create masks. We were able to design our own superhero or choose from the known heroes, such as Spiderman or The Incredible Hulk.

The school is currently practising their school production of The Little Mermaid. We were able to watch 30 minutes of the run through and see the amazing students take on their roles. It was an incredible experience to sit in the auditorium and watch the passions and enthusiasm pour out of them as they performed. It looks like it’s going to be an incredibly successful play!

We finished off the High School experience with Food Tech. We thought about what makes food appealing and discussed how we use our 5 senses when cooking and handling food. We were then able to ice our own cupcakes and decorate them with sprinkles. It was very sweet and the sugar may have gone straight to our heads!

5B demonstrated our 4 ACPS values of Respect, Responsibility, Achievement and Team Work throughout the whole excursion. They shared the spaces and kept the noise to an appropriate level, we wore our full school uniform, we followed all instructions and participated in all activities, and encouraged our peers to do the right thing. It was a wonderful day had by all, and I am confident in saying 5B represented our school positively.

Stay tuned for our blog of our Term 3 Learning Update!
– 5B

Term 2 check out

And just like that, another Term is over!

In the final 2 weeks of Term we had the opportunity to complete and present our CBL solutions, finished our information reports on Natural Disasters and worked towards our personal CAFE and VOICES goals.

Our challenge for our Big Idea of ‘Survival’ was to “Influence human survival”. After many discussions of what is needed for survival in different environments, and the potential threats to human survival, we were able to choose and investigate a threat and devise a plan to support humans to survive and thrive. There were many creative ideas for presenting our solution, some created a website or a video, others designed a survival kit and some wrote informative or persuasive pieces. We presented our solutions on Wednesday and on Friday we were able to reflect on the feedback we received and take some time to acknowledge the strengths and areas for improvement of our solutions and presentations.

We had our final Buddies session for the term. We invited Prep F down to our room and supported them in using search engines to find Kahoot! and put in the needed information to play. As our buddies are still learning to read, we read the questions and answers to them and worked together to get as many right as possible. We had enough time for two Kahoot! quizzes, one on the Fortnite dances and the second on Disney movies.

3 Way Conferences
On Thursday we had the opportunity to share our learning with our families. We put together a portfolio of our work and reflected on what we’ve chosen and why. We even thought of some questions we can ask to get our families involved! We were a bit nervous to share but our confidence grew as time went on. Hopefully we get another chance to showcase our work again at the end of the year!

Term 2 Assembly
We had our final assembly for the term with all students at ACPS. We heard about all the great things the Student Voice Action Team (SVAT) have been doing this term and what the future of ACPS looks like for students. We also watched some Year 6’s face off in a Rubik’s Cube challenge! They were competing to solve the cube in the fastest time. Winkle was the winner of the competition getting close to 1 minutes to solve the cube! Well done Winkle, impressive!!

We wish everyone a safe and relaxing Winter break. We’ll see you in 2 weeks!

– 5B

5B Learning Check In

Hi all,
With the final weeks of Term 2 approaching we have been busy creating our CBL solutions and reflecting on our personal Reading, Writing and Maths goals. Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to.

We’re in our final ‘Act’ stage of our Big Idea ‘Survival’. We have spent time this Term investigating what survival is and what is needed to survive in different environments. We discussed what the threats are to human survival in a range of environments, linking it back to our familiar knowledge of school, home and digital environments. We decided to work in small groups to create solutions to the challenge of “Impact human survival”. We’ve researched what we need to do to meet our challenge, and have started planning our solutions using the support of De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats.

We have been exploring different types of graphs and units of measurement in Maths over the past few weeks. We looked at Dot plots, Bar graphs, Column graphs, Pictographs and Line graphs. We posed questions to our peers and collected data using a tally graph, and used units of measurement to collect data for our line graphs, trying to accurately guess when a minute has passed without looking at the clock. We also discussed different units of measurement and focused on time, specifically converting between 12 and 24 hour time and using clock faces.

Our reading focus has been using evidence from the text to support our summaries and identifying the structure and features of Fiction and Nonfiction texts. We spent some time comparing and contrasting Fiction and Nonfiction texts, recording what we noticed about the language, the layout and the information in the text.

We have been learning to follow the TEEL structure when writing our paragraphs;
T – topic of the paragraph, your point of view identified by a topic sentence.
E – evidence that supports your point of view, facts and information found from credible sources.
E – explanation of point of view, giving reasons to justify how the evidence supports your point.
L – linking this topic to the next paragraph or back to the main idea.
We also pre-planned, planned, drafted and self and buddy edited our information reports on Natural Disasters, and are currently in the process of choosing a platform to publish our reports.

Notices and announcements 
– Three Way Conferences – Thursday 27th June 1-7pm. Times can be booked via Compass or through your child’s classroom teacher.
– End of Term 2 – Assembly will commence at 1:30pm in the Gym. Students are dismissed at 2:30pm.
– Year 5 students have been invited to experience what high school will be like at Craigieburn Secondary College’s Discovery Day. The excursion will take place on the 30th of July 2019. Students arrive at school with their lunch at 8:50 as per normal. They will be picked up at 11:15 and travel to CSC by bus. They engage in a range of activities and will be provided a bbq lunch before returning to ACPS at 2:30. They engage in normal schooling activities until 3:30pm. Permission forms went home on Tuesday 18th of June and must be returned as soon as possible so we can send CSC your child’s dietary requirements.
– If you could spare a minute or two, please click the link below that will take you to a survey on ACPS School-Wide Positive Behaviours (SWPBS).

Thanks for checking in!
– 5B

5B & 5D’s excursion to the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Today on Wednesday the 22nd of May, students in 5B and 5D were given the opportunity to go and see the Tim Nicholson exhibit at ACCA for free!

When we first arrived at the gallery we were greeted with a huge pile of bricks that looked like a brick wall had just been tipped over! It was here that we learnt about monuments and how they come to be. We then had the opportunity to create our own monuments using clay. We thought long and hard about people, places or things that have significance to us.


After we got our hands dirty making clay sculptures, we moved into the next exhibit room. Here we saw a large painting set in a golden frame. We studied the painting for a while and noticed all the details. A few things we noticed were; 3 Aboriginal people, a shelter made from wood, a crescent moon and a small camp fire. After looking around the room we realised that all the artwork in that room were the same! The big one in the golden frame was the original, painted by HJ Johnstone in 1880, titled “Evening Shadows”. Tim Nicholson had reached out to owners of replicas of this artwork and collected them to display in his gallery exhibition.

We had such an amazing time at the excursion and really enjoyed the sensory experience of creating our own sculpture from clay!

Thanks for checking in!
– 5B