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Weeks 6 & 7

Welcome back to the 6C blog.

In the past few weeks we have been very busy.  The classes decided to give NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) a go.  We have set goals of writing as many words as we can for the month of November.  The aim is to write longer stories as well as get our typing speed up.

In Maths we have been looking at Angles at Transformation of shapes.  This has led us to creating our own Mandela designs which has proven to us just how hard these are to draw.  We really do appreciate the creators of these as ensuring that the pattern is mirrored has been a challenge but one that we enjoyed attempting.

In Reading we have been looking at character descriptions.  Using our class novel “Counting by 7s” we each attempted to draw one of the main characters.  We found it really interesting as to who different each of the character drawings turned out.  It was great to see what one person picked up on and what the other person picked up on and how this altered the picture.

Also this week was remembrance day.  To show our understanding and to pay tribute we created a remembrance wall showing all the things we know about those that fought for our country in the wars.  Lest We Forget.

Fairy Tales and Fables

As we move into the next few weeks of term 6C has been switching focus

In Reading and Writing these weeks we have been focusing on Fables and Fairy Tales.  We have been publishing fables and have attached a few for you to read. We have been looking at what makes a Fable or Fairy Tale different from other genres. A Fable is a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral. A Fairy Tale is a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands; a fairy story.  We have been exploring how fairy-tale have changed from the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales have been changed for main-stream media


Final Term for 6C

Well the end is near…. 6C would like to welcome you to their final term of blogging.  With Graduation closing in on us and transition days for secondary school it is starting to become a reality that we are in our final weeks of year 6.

This term we are looking at the big idea of “Environment”.  So far we have looked at how our environment can change us as a person and how we adapt to it.  We have also looked at the changes of the digital environments over the past 20 years.

In Maths we have been looking at shape and have been in the process of making small models of different parts of the classroom as well as making shapes out of playdough and straws.

In Reading and Writing we have had a real focus of different genres such as fables and fairytales both of which we are attempting to write ourselves.  We have also been looking at how the author sets the mood and tone by using visuals like colours (purple for royals, red for anger) as well as descriptive language such as “the lone owl” meaning they place is deserted or when the sun is shining might mean that the character is in a positive mind frame.

We have also started reading “Counting by 7s” so far we have been exploring issues such as adoption, mix ethnic families and being gifted.

Part 2 of our year so far in 6C….

Grade 6 has been amazing for me this year, as I have done many different activities, some hands-on, some online. I have been to a 9-day camp, with so many activities like giant swing, bushcraft, high ropes course, archery, environmental studies, rock climbing, flying fox, bush cooking, biking, tabloid sports, disco, bush dance, night hike, concert, nocturnal and many more. But, the cereal was soggy, the teachers were grumpy, and the beds were so hard. Even so, I had an amazing time at Somers camp. Other activities include making robots, cooking pasties and eating skittles. Grade 6 is awesome. – Forest

In year 6C we are learning about math, writing, reading and other things. In maths we done a math rich task of a bakery. For me sometimes it is hard because I don’t understand some of the questions. In reading I like to read my shoe box book because I understand the book and I like it because it is just for me. Now I am going to talk about my writing. In writing I like to write because it makes me relax and calms me down and I can write my favourite stories. That is the absolute end. – Ege

Year 6 has been great. With all new experiences with all my classmates with me along the way. All the reading, math, CBL, writing and much more. We have learnt fractions, similes, metaphors and much more. Along the way I have learnt who to trust as a friend and not as well as having the greatest teacher ever! – Riley

My year so far hasn’t been too bad. I’ve found that my confidence has dropped with every session getting harder and harder and so on. However, the friends that I’ve made over the three terms have made it worthwhile, even when some distract me from my task. Overall, year 6 has been great for me. – Lara

My year in grade 6 has been fantastic. Lately the classes have been doing in maths which task, it’s called building a  bakery. It’s basically just a bunch of worded math equations. In term one main idea was Identity. Also in term 2 to our main idea was about Survival, this term it’s about Curiosity.  Grade 6 is treating me perfectly. – Malik

A curious mysterious year it has been, with awesome friends, a kind teacher and an awesome class pet what more could I say. There have been some sad times and happy times.  a sad day was the day Eren left the school and a happy day was the day Miss Officer gave out skittles for our worksheet. So far my year 6 school life is cruising by and I hope I have a great year. – Eishva

Our year so far in 6C in 100 words or less

Grade 6 is going down awesomely; I get to learn brand new stuff and I met new friends that I would of not of met if I were not in grade 6 or at another school. We even got to do cooking, Tommy hollow experiment where we got dizzy and we tried doing basketball. So, I think it’s going well. It’s been stricter than three, four, and five and the work is a little bit harder than before but it’s better than doing prep work and drawing shapes and colouring in.  It is the best year I’ve had – Najib


My year six experience actually has been a very good one so far. We have learnt a lot of things so far. I was familiar with everything because I was on the same room last year. We have been learning about different types of poems and fractions as well. At first it was a little weird to be in grade six already, but I’m used to it now. We have learnt a lot and are getting ready for high school! I wish this school year could go on forever, so I don’t have to leave all my friends. – Zahna


This has been an awesome year so far; I have made so many new friends. Some people also went to Somers camp which was for nine days and I went there as well. It was fun, but I missed school. Before going to Somers camp, it was really fun as well because we did lots of stuff like CBL where in first term the main idea cultural identity where we made cultural identity posters. That was my favourite term of all because I met all of my new classmates and my new teacher. – Nitin


I have been asked what my year is like well here it is. I think I have a really good class and that a lot of my friends are here. My thoughts on camp are that I think it was really cool and fun with all the tasks and activities. After that at school we have been working on different projects, my favourite is the shoebox story I am really keen and excited on that. I think to sum it all up this year has been going really great for me.  – Ali


My year so far in 6C, I think is personally this year has been one of the best. I this class I have been push and things have stricter which I’m happy about, I think some people dislike the difference that is between this year and previous years. Since I am pushed, I am working harder and faster. Again, some people complain with the work, but what about high school, it’s good to be prepared. So, this year so far has been excellent and I’m still feel scared about moving to a different school, for high school. – Oliver


This has been the best and worst year so far. I have enjoyed thinking and wondering about year seven, but this year has been really good for me. I have made new friends, learned new things and have had a lot of fun. One of the best experiences of this year for me has been going to Somers camp. At Somers camp we learned to become better people, new skills and of course, made new friends. I would totally recommend. Something that I have learned is to not doubt yourself because you could be the one regretting it. -Bella


Grade six is ok we have been doing lots of fractions this term. I’ve met some new friends and I’m getting better at learning than in grade 5. It’s been a great year so far and I hope it gets better. My favourite thing to do with my friends is laugh a lot and play down ball. I’m even liking the buddy’s that we got there younger and more kind. So grade six has been quite a good year. – Jasper


My year has been great so far. I have made so many friends. When I found out that I was moving on to year 6 I was so excited because I wanted to meet my classmates and my teacher. My big thing was meeting my teacher. Throughout the year I was having fights with my friends but every time it happened, I would tell my teacher straight away. In term 1 for CBL the class was learning about Identity. There is cultural identity. One of the cultural identities are religion and cultures. – Emma

Another Week In 6C

This week has seemed short, with a group of students have been away at camp so we have had a small group who have been stayed back at school.

In writing we have been completing our cinquain poems.  There are two different types of cinquain poems.  One goes by a syllable rule of two, four, six, eight, two over five lines.  The second type follow the word sequence of title, two describing words, three action words, a four word thought and then ending with a synonym.

We also conducted the  Fred Hollows experiment, this is a experiment where we would wear safety glasses that restrict your as they have sticky tape over them. One example a pair of glasses would get rid of your vision in the peripheral area, so if any of you don’t know what that it’s, where you lose vision on a side of your eyes. Another example is the tunnel vision and if you don’t know what that means, it’s when people see items in front of them and it looks curved around the edges of their vision.  We also experimented with vertigo it’s kinda like tunnel vision it’s when your always dizzy and it won’t go away, we attempted to shoot a ball into the basket to do this.




In preparation of book week are are working on what our reading superpower is.  Don’t forget that on Tuesday of next week we will be doing a parade and will be dressing up as our favorite character from a book.

Lastly it has a big week for Sausage as she learn to play unstable unicorn during wet weather time table days.




Term 3 week 4

This term 6C have a new CBL main idea; Curiosity. We have discussed the topic and made a timeline of some events in Australian history from 1778 to 2019. 

Over the past week we have been focusing on our novel shoe box project. We have chosen a large chapter book for our project and we have started to read, while listing the setting of the book, its themes, genres, and characters.  The main focus this week has been creating short summaries of each chapter to help us understand how the author continues to to move the story along.

We  are continuing to work towards creating a visual representation of our book. In writing we have had a strong focus on grammar as a class we decided that we needed to practise our ability to recognise and use such things as nouns and adjectives, we have also been exploring things such as auxiliary verbs, possessive determiners and superlative adjectives.  This has helped us develop some new poem for our focus on poetry.

This weeks in maths we have been focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages. We have been learning how to convert the three to each other and how to simplify fractions.  We are looking forward to starting our rich task about fractions next week as well as learning to make traditional pasties.

Finally this week we have had a classroom reset so that we can move the classroom around to help us be more effective learners.


Week 3 in 6C

In reading we’re putting together our own visual representation of a novel in a shoe box. This will include representations of the characters, the settings and the themes throughout the book.  We are also looking at the similarities and differences between the characters and what makes them who they are. But we can’t wait until we begin to create our shoe box.

For our big idea we are are stretching our curiosity by imagining the world in different colours.

We have also looked at what has been invented by Australia’s and how these inventions have shaped the world and made changes to how we work as a society.

From little ideas big ideas grow.

In Maths we have been continuing our work on Fractions.  Some of the class have been creating fraction artwork to display equivalent fractions to help us visually understand that part of a whole can be represented in many different ways.

6C welcomes you back to Term 3

This term 6C have a new CBL main idea; Curiosity.  We have started discussing the topic and made a timeline of some major events in Australian history from 1778 to 2019.

In the first 2 weeks we have been focusing on our “Novel Shoe Box” project for reading. We have chosen a large chapter book for our project and we have started to read, while listing the setting of the book, its themes, genres and characters. Then we will use the shoe box to describe the book visually while taking a deeper look at the book in preparation for having to complete novel studies when in high school.  This also will help us build our reading stamina to ensure that we can not only complete a novel but have an understanding of the authors purpose.

In writing we have started our  focus on poetry.  As most of us touched on this last year we are happy to use our prior knowledge and create many different types of poems.

Here is an example of one of our poems:

By Bella

Curiosity always finds the way
It knows the perfect tricks to play
Twists and turns and secrets that burn
Things that can be never earned

To take this leap of chance
Just to catch a glance
Did curiosity kill the cat?
Well that can be a deep dark chat

The daring journey many take
With the deep dark feeling it’s all fake
If your up for the bumpy ride
To find out what it’s trying to hide

When you keep on looking but never spy
The thing that looks you in the eye
The answers that you’ll unfold
Just to find the hidden gold

Will you ever draw the line
This is all a waste of time
Will society all fall blind
To this destiny defying grind

Radical Robots survive with persuasion.

As Term Two winds down and we put the final touches on our CBL solutions for ‘Survival’ we are also building our Radical Robots.

Using our knowledge of 3D shapes as well as drawing to scale and our imagination we are creation prototypes of Radical Robot toys.

These models will be partnered with persuasive posters as to why our design should be the winning one to be the class mascot.

We have also been working on our persuasive letters which will be posted off to their recipients next week.  Many topics have been thought about and research done to ensure that our opinions are clear.