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Learning reflection, week 7-8

Dear parents and guardians, as you may know the student leader applications are out and kids have the opportunity of being a student leader. The applications are due today. Kids who get short listed will have to do a speech on Friday 6th December in front of all the students in their house colour. If you get shortlisted , hopefully you will get the position of student leader. -Insia

For the last 2 weeks we have been doing lots of things. We have been doing mystery Skype call with another school and we had to narrow their school down by asking only yes or no questions. It was very fun and we were the ones to find their school first. Some of us were researching and some were talking. We had to cover our logos so they don’t see our school name. – Harsh

Last week we had a mystery Skype call and we had to figure out were there school was located. It turned out they were in Perth, it was really fun while we were trying to figure out where there school was. -Aydin

For the past two weeks we have been writing explication texts. We have done a per plan, plan, draft and some people have done more like editing, per conference and are waiting for a teacher conference. It has been very interesting learning more about the topics that we choose. I know there was so interesting ones like, How basketball stared, Why do we drink water and much more. I think that the explication texts are going to be very interesting. – Emerson

In week 7-8 we have learnt about various types of graphs. Graphs are used to calculate and show data. Line graphs are used to show change in time, bar graphs just show data as a bar and pictographs show data as picutures, normally one picture on the pictograph is equal to 2 items. Graphs are collected information organised in a proper order. – Anuk and Kate

In the past two weeks we have been learning about graphs. We have been looking at pictographs, bar graphs and line graphs. The graphs help us to read different types information. – Udjith and Jaylen

Last week in maths, we learnt about mapping. By mapping we mean finding locations and looking for different ways to get there. Once we have found the different ways we would add it together and put it in a pictograph or bargraph. If you are confused on what those graphs are here are some pictures to paint a clear picture. -Jenna and Gurnoor




Learning Reflection, week 5 and 6

This term we have a student teacher! Her name is Miss O’shana. She has been teaching us many things such as, Three Basic Transformations and Angles (Maths), Infrencing and Summarising (Reading), Fairy Tales and Fables (Reading). Unfortunately, She will be leaving for university in a few day. She has done really well teaching us so many things in her specific teaching way. Thanks Miss O’shana! -Gurnoor and Insia.

In week 5, we have been learning about summary’s. A summary is a short paragraph, you use your own words and you write about the main idea. In a summary you don’t use details exactly from the text. Summary’s tell some of the text not all of it. – Melissa

Last week in writing we have been publishing our fairytales. We have been working very hard on our fairytales for at least 3-4 weeks. It is one of our teacher directed writing pieces . Some kids have already finished and are now planning their last teacher directed piece which is an explanation text. Some of you may know that student leader applications are now available for years 3,4 and 5s. If you are in year 5 you also have the option of being a school captain. Your teachers might have already given you an application note which is also going to be on compass so your parents can see. The house assembly which kids can vote for their future student leaders is going to be held on 6th December . So if you want to be a student leader apply now because the closing date is next week on Tuesday! – Insia and Sienna

In week 5-6 we have learnt about shapes. Shapes are under the subject ‘maths’. About shapes we learnt how to translate, rotate and reflect. The teacher explained it thoroughly and gave examples on moving shapes. The teacher gave us tasks on shapes and movement. We think the class did very well on this task. – Anuk and Siddak

Photo – Amaya

We have learnt about co – ordinates and how to find places with co – ordinated. When you have done that you will get one more sheet. If you have done your last sheet you can practice about co – ordinates. – Abhayvir

Learning reflection, week 3 and 4

In week 3-4 we have learnt about angles. Angles are the distance between 2 lines meeting at a point. To mark an angle you need to put a little 0 on top on the number. You have to use a protractor to measure an angle properly. There are many kinds of angles eg. acute:smaller the 90 degrees, right:90 degrees, obtuse:larger than 90 degrees, reflex:larger than 180 degrees. – Anuk

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about how to use protractors in class with different type of angles. An acute angle is smaller than 90 degrees and a right angle is 90 degrees the next angle is a right angle which is 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is larger than 90 degrees and a straight angle is 180 degrees. Last of all there is a reflex angle is a 360 turn. To use a protractor you put a dot where the lines meet then you get your protractor and measure it where the dot is. It is very important that you look at the line you are measuring at and the angle you are doing make sure your measuring it from the correct dot. A protractor is a line but the only difference is that it is half a circle but a protractor it like a ruler. – Zeynep and Melissa


The past two weeks we have been learning so many new things. In writing we have been learning about fairytales for example how to plan one or how to structure one. One that I really enjoyed doing was planning a fairytale, I used S.W.B.S.T to plan and I described my character what there powers were and the setting and what the features were about the character. In C.B.L we have been learning about empathy, empathy means caring for others and being kind and thoughtful to them. -By Sienna

Over the past 2 weeks we have been developing new skills for our knowledge. In maths we have been learning about names and estimating angles and using a protractor to figure out angles. We also learned that the angle doesn’t always-have a base line sometimes u have to rotate the angle to get the base line. The end of the base line has to be on the 0 of the protractor and of its on the right it is the outter edge if its on the left it has to be on the inner edge. In CBL we downloaded a game called The Lost Summer and it teaches us about empathy. Empathy means putting your self in someone else’s shoes so thinking about others and how they feel. – Harsh

Hello, in C.B.L we learnt about empathy. Empathy is caring for someone and sharing the feelings with another. For example someone is sad you should empathise with them and not make fun of them. We played a game called The Lost Summer, it is about making the right decision based on empathy. A scenario form the game was a photo which was uploaded without permission and asked the person to do the right decision. – John



Learning reflection, week 1 and 2

Hello, welcome back to 5A’s blog posts. We will talk about what we have learnt in the last two weeks. In maths we have been learning all about shapes and solids. There are 3D shapes and 2D shapes. 3D shapes are solids which have height, depth and length. 2D shapes can only be drawn on paper 📝. In writing we were learning about character traits and emotions. To show traits and emotions you need to ‘show don’t tell’. Show don’t tell means describing the scene to make the reader engaged instead of directly telling them what is happening and making them bored. – Anuk

Today we will be talking about environment. There are lots of different environments like social, nature and digital environments. In class we have learnt about adaption. Adaption is about how we get used to different environments like for a polar bear. Since they live in a cold place and they have fat in there body so they can protect themselves – John

We are going to tell you about what we have been learning in Maths. In maths we have been learning about 3D and 2D shapes. 2D shapes is something you cannot pick up. You might think why is it 3D , it’s 3D because you can pick it up. 3D shapes are made out of 2D shapes. If you put 6 squares together you get a 3D cube. Its the shape of a dice. – Kate and Melissa


This week and last week we have been focusing shapes and the net versions of them. On Friday the 11th we made 3D shapes out of the paper nets. We had to focus on figuring out what type of shape it was and how to build it. It took a lot of cutting and glueing to get it done. We also played shape bingo. It’s when you have shapes instead of numbers on the sheet of paper. Everyone enjoyed it, and 4 people got bingo!- Juliet

In writing we have been learning about character traits. Character traits are like a emotion. We also learnt about show don’t tell in writing. You cannot tell the person about an action but you need to describe it. -Akasdeep

This term is the last term how exciting!! This term we were learning new skills to develop, let me start. Maths: In maths we are learning about 2d and 3D shapes and also faces, corners, vertices, and last but not least edges. In writing we were learning show don’t tell, let me explain so show don’t tell is when you pick an emotion and try not to say the emotion. You have to describe your emotion with face actions and voice actions. In reading we were learning about character traits so how we would describe the character for example I’m short that’s a physical character trait. Last but not least CBL, in CBL we are learning about are new topic ENVIRONMENT for example a forest is an environment. – Aydin

Term 3 reflection

This term, 5A has learnt so many new, fun and exciting things. As a class, we reflected on one stand out skill that we have learnt. Below are a few of the students examples.

This term, I learnt about different kinds of poems. For example: limerick, diamanté and lantern. My favourite kind of poem is the limerick. It’s a poem that’s supposed to be funny and goes in the pattern of AABB etc.

– Anuk

This term I learnt about the different types of poetry. My favourite type of poem was a later poem. Here is an example:

– Youshia

The task I have achieved this term would be becoming better at writing poetry. I love to write poems that involve descriptive words and rhyming words. I learnt how to write haiku poems, lantern poems, diamanté poems and no rule poems. They all involve some rhyming words and descriptive words. Since the start of the term I have been able to write many poems that I couldn’t originally write.

– Juliet

One thing I have achieved most this term is learning how to work out perimeter and area. I’ve achieved this by focusing and working my hardest. I now know that area is something you have multiply and perimeter is something you have to add. All though you may think this is easy it is not I am so proud of myself learning something I thought I couldn’t do and learning something that was difficult for me at the start and finally getting to understand it.


During the term, I achieved the skill of simplifying fractions . To simplify a fraction you divided your top and bottom number by the same number.

– Melissa

This term, I learnt about volume and capacity. Volume is the amount of space inside an object/3D shape and capacity is the amount of liquid the object can hold. I learnt this by doing an activity where you had to find and estimate the capacity of a 3D object .

– Insia

This term, I learnt how curiosity has shaped how we see Australia today. People such as Fred Hollows, Captain James Cook and Ned Kelly we all curios people. From their curiosity our society has changed and we have many new inventions.


We hope you have enjoyed our reflections this term and we can’t wait to start term 4!


Book Week!

During week six we celebrated Book Week. Book week is an exciting week that helps us to celebrate our love for literature.

Individual superpowers

Reading is my superpower was the theme of this years book week, we got to identify our own reading superpower and record this on a superhero. – Harshil

Book review

On Monday we brought in our favourite books. Using our books we created a book review and shared them with our class. – Youshia


Book parade

On Tuesday we got to dress up as our favourite book character. I dresses up as Pansy Parkinson form the Harry Potter books. Others didn’t dress up, but they got to enjoy looking at all of the different characters around the school. -Kate



Learning Reflections, week 4


Welcome back to 5As blog! This week we have focused on different types of poems. We have learnt about Lantern poems, Tanka poems, Haiku Poems,  Diamanté poems and Cinquain poems. Here are some examples of a few of the poems we learnt about. Haiku poems have a pattern of syllables that goes 5, 7,  5 . We are currently enjoying these poems so far. And exited to learn about more!



In writing we have explored different types of poems like the Haiku poem, the Tanka poem and Lantern poems. We noticed that many poems use syllable patterns. Poems are very fun to write.


In the last couple of weeks we have been learning about different poems. The poems are Tanka poems, Lantern, Cinquain, Diamanté and Haiku poems. Haiku poems often tell us about different seasons.

-Kate, Melissa



In maths we have been learning about simplifying fractions. When you simplify you have to divide your starting fraction by a number that can devise both the numerator an denominator.

– Harshil &Udjith

We have been learning to simplify fractions. We know that if you simplify a fraction it is called an equivalent fraction.

-Anuk & John


Learning reflections, week 3

CBL- Curiosity 

Welcome back to 5As blog! This week we have focused on a man named Fred Hollows. Fred Hollows was an eye doctor back in the 90s. He helped patients that had problems with their eyes. Then he trained other people and began a business. He visited countries like Sri Lanka and India. There were so many patients with eye problems. Suddenly, Fred Hollows died but his legacy will always be here.

– Juliet

In 5A we have been learning about curiosity, and what can be done with it. We looked at curiosity being used for success with QANTAS and Fred Hollows. We also learnt how Fred Hollows has passed away but his work still continues in 25 different countries.

– Akas and Siddak


High school visit

Last week we went to Craigieburn secondary college. It was 10 minutes to get there and we went for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. As soon as we got there we had a little assembly for the year 5’s. There were about 5 to 7 other schools. After that we went to the high schools little performance. It was amazing! Then we went to wood tech. It excursion was really good and I got to learn new things. I really enjoyed the day and want to go there for high school.


Last Tuesday the 30th of July, we went to a high school called Craigieburn Secondary College. First we went on the bus and it took us 5 to 10 minutes. When we got there we went to their gym and they had an announcement to make.We then went to see a year 8 performance, participate in a woodwork class and went to there Italian class and learnt a bit of Italian, then went on the bus and went home.

-Sarah and Zeynep

Last week we went to high school and we had lots of fun. We did only two activities. The first activity was wood tech. We were sanding wood to fit it in the hole because it was too thick it couldn’t fit. In the second activity we went to the show. It kinda looked like a movie. There were people acting to the little mermaid song. After all that we went outside and ate a sausage and drank juice.

– Jovani and Youshia


In class we have been learning about diamante poems. A diamante poem is when you pick 2 opposites like hot and cold. You put hot on the top and cold on the bottom. Then put two adjectives about each word. Then put three words ending in -ing linking to the 2 words. Then put 4 words that describe both words. Here are some of ours:



Thank you for reading!

– Jessica and Aaliyah


In writing we have been learning about diamante (“dee-uh-MAHN-tay”).

Diamante poems have seven lines

Line 1,Noun(topic 1)

Line 2,Two adjectives(about T1)

Line 3,Three -ing verbs(about T1)

Line 4,Four nouns (2 about T1 and 2 about T2)

Line 5,Three -ing verbs(about T2)

Line 6,Two adjectives(about T2)

                                                                              Line 7,Noun(topic 2)




Welcome to Term 3!

CBL’s big idea

In CBL we discovered that our big idea this term was “curiosity “. We discussed what curiosity means and what we are curious about. Our definition of curiosity that we came up with was; “Curiosity is what we are passionate to discover/learn”. – Siddak

This week we found out our terms focus for CBL. We are focusing on curiosity. We began making our CBL journals on google slides. On Wednesday, our focus was matching inventors with the correct invention. We grabbed our iPads and took pictures of the inventors and the inventions then put them in google slides. Finally we had to write what year they invented it and what the invention was called. – Juliet

Reading/Premiers Reading Challenge

This week we have been focusing on summaries. We have been writing summary’s for some of the books we read. Summary’s include the main ideas and supporting details which make them better! Summary’s help us to remember things about the book! Also, Premiers Reading Challenge is about to end! Do it quick! -Gurnoor


During the week we have been learning about fractions. We learnt a new game called Fraction Buzz, this game helps us practice counting using fractions. – Jovani, Youshia

During the first week of Term 3 in Maths we have been learning about fractions. On Wednesday we got to have a pack of smarties each and try to create fractions with the colours. It was really fun and we got to eat them at the end. – Emerson