Learning reflection, week 7-8

Dear parents and guardians, as you may know the student leader applications are out and kids have the opportunity of being a student leader. The applications are due today. Kids who get short listed will have to do a speech on Friday 6th December in front of all the students in their house colour. If you get shortlisted , hopefully you will get the position of student leader. -Insia

For the last 2 weeks we have been doing lots of things. We have been doing mystery Skype call with another school and we had to narrow their school down by asking only yes or no questions. It was very fun and we were the ones to find their school first. Some of us were researching and some were talking. We had to cover our logos so they don’t see our school name. – Harsh

Last week we had a mystery Skype call and we had to figure out were there school was located. It turned out they were in Perth, it was really fun while we were trying to figure out where there school was. -Aydin

For the past two weeks we have been writing explication texts. We have done a per plan, plan, draft and some people have done more like editing, per conference and are waiting for a teacher conference. It has been very interesting learning more about the topics that we choose. I know there was so interesting ones like, How basketball stared, Why do we drink water and much more. I think that the explication texts are going to be very interesting. – Emerson

In week 7-8 we have learnt about various types of graphs. Graphs are used to calculate and show data. Line graphs are used to show change in time, bar graphs just show data as a bar and pictographs show data as picutures, normally one picture on the pictograph is equal to 2 items. Graphs are collected information organised in a proper order. – Anuk and Kate

In the past two weeks we have been learning about graphs. We have been looking at pictographs, bar graphs and line graphs. The graphs help us to read different types information. – Udjith and Jaylen

Last week in maths, we learnt about mapping. By mapping we mean finding locations and looking for different ways to get there. Once we have found the different ways we would add it together and put it in a pictograph or bargraph. If you are confused on what those graphs are here are some pictures to paint a clear picture. -Jenna and Gurnoor




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