Week 3


In Numeracy we started learning about angles. To start with we listened to a song about the different types of angles that was sung to the tune of YMCA by The Village People. This got us ready to go outside and look for different angles types in the environment, take photos of them and annotate the photos to demonstrate we knew what angles we had found.


In CBL we took some time to look at digital environments and the positive character strengths we can use when  we are online. In particular we looked at empathy by putting ourselves in the shoes of someone who wanted their privacy respected. We did this by playing a game on an app called The Lost Summer where we acted as someone making decisions that would affect another person online.



Ever since Week 8 of last term we had been trying to get to the play pod with our Prep Buddies. The weather kept being a pain with it either being really rainy or really windy. Finally, this time around, we had lovely warm weather and were able to get creative with our younger friends. We not only played really well together but managed to get the equipment out and pack it all up again with cooperation and order.


One thought on “Week 3”

  1. Dear 5D,

    That is an interesting way of learning about angles! I love how cool your strategies are! Make sure you keep up the good work in and out. LOVE IT✌

    By Juliet Krstevski- 5A

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