Learning reflection, week 3 and 4

In week 3-4 we have learnt about angles. Angles are the distance between 2 lines meeting at a point. To mark an angle you need to put a little 0 on top on the number. You have to use a protractor to measure an angle properly. There are many kinds of angles eg. acute:smaller the 90 degrees, right:90 degrees, obtuse:larger than 90 degrees, reflex:larger than 180 degrees. – Anuk

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about how to use protractors in class with different type of angles. An acute angle is smaller than 90 degrees and a right angle is 90 degrees the next angle is a right angle which is 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is larger than 90 degrees and a straight angle is 180 degrees. Last of all there is a reflex angle is a 360 turn. To use a protractor you put a dot where the lines meet then you get your protractor and measure it where the dot is. It is very important that you look at the line you are measuring at and the angle you are doing make sure your measuring it from the correct dot. A protractor is a line but the only difference is that it is half a circle but a protractor it like a ruler. – Zeynep and Melissa


The past two weeks we have been learning so many new things. In writing we have been learning about fairytales for example how to plan one or how to structure one. One that I really enjoyed doing was planning a fairytale, I used S.W.B.S.T to plan and I described my character what there powers were and the setting and what the features were about the character. In C.B.L we have been learning about empathy, empathy means caring for others and being kind and thoughtful to them. -By Sienna

Over the past 2 weeks we have been developing new skills for our knowledge. In maths we have been learning about names and estimating angles and using a protractor to figure out angles. We also learned that the angle doesn’t always-have a base line sometimes u have to rotate the angle to get the base line. The end of the base line has to be on the 0 of the protractor and of its on the right it is the outter edge if its on the left it has to be on the inner edge. In CBL we downloaded a game called The Lost Summer and it teaches us about empathy. Empathy means putting your self in someone else’s shoes so thinking about others and how they feel. – Harsh

Hello, in C.B.L we learnt about empathy. Empathy is caring for someone and sharing the feelings with another. For example someone is sad you should empathise with them and not make fun of them. We played a game called The Lost Summer, it is about making the right decision based on empathy. A scenario form the game was a photo which was uploaded without permission and asked the person to do the right decision. – John



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