Learning reflection, week 1 and 2

Hello, welcome back to 5A’s blog posts. We will talk about what we have learnt in the last two weeks. In maths we have been learning all about shapes and solids. There are 3D shapes and 2D shapes. 3D shapes are solids which have height, depth and length. 2D shapes can only be drawn on paper 📝. In writing we were learning about character traits and emotions. To show traits and emotions you need to ‘show don’t tell’. Show don’t tell means describing the scene to make the reader engaged instead of directly telling them what is happening and making them bored. – Anuk

Today we will be talking about environment. There are lots of different environments like social, nature and digital environments. In class we have learnt about adaption. Adaption is about how we get used to different environments like for a polar bear. Since they live in a cold place and they have fat in there body so they can protect themselves – John

We are going to tell you about what we have been learning in Maths. In maths we have been learning about 3D and 2D shapes. 2D shapes is something you cannot pick up. You might think why is it 3D , it’s 3D because you can pick it up. 3D shapes are made out of 2D shapes. If you put 6 squares together you get a 3D cube. Its the shape of a dice. – Kate and Melissa


This week and last week we have been focusing shapes and the net versions of them. On Friday the 11th we made 3D shapes out of the paper nets. We had to focus on figuring out what type of shape it was and how to build it. It took a lot of cutting and glueing to get it done. We also played shape bingo. It’s when you have shapes instead of numbers on the sheet of paper. Everyone enjoyed it, and 4 people got bingo!- Juliet

In writing we have been learning about character traits. Character traits are like a emotion. We also learnt about show don’t tell in writing. You cannot tell the person about an action but you need to describe it. -Akasdeep

This term is the last term how exciting!! This term we were learning new skills to develop, let me start. Maths: In maths we are learning about 2d and 3D shapes and also faces, corners, vertices, and last but not least edges. In writing we were learning show don’t tell, let me explain so show don’t tell is when you pick an emotion and try not to say the emotion. You have to describe your emotion with face actions and voice actions. In reading we were learning about character traits so how we would describe the character for example I’m short that’s a physical character trait. Last but not least CBL, in CBL we are learning about are new topic ENVIRONMENT for example a forest is an environment. – Aydin

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