Term 4 Learning Update

Another 2 weeks of learning completed in Term 4. Here’s what we’ve been doing in 5B this fortnight.

In Reading we have been exploring Fables and Fairytales, investigating the features and structures that make it a Fable or Fairytale. We continued our investigation of other text types, finding the evidence in the text to support the identified text type.

We used our learning of Fairytale structures and features in Reading to write or own Fairytales this week. We were sure to include things like magical creatures and a lesson for the reader. We wrote a Fairytale where the protagonist prevails, then explored writing twisted Fairytales where the antagonist comes out on top.

In Maths we have been investigating Angles. We performed the Angles song to consolidate our knowledge of types of angles, which helped us a lot because we could sing or hum it whilst engaging in our learning of angles. We learnt to measure and draw angles using a protractor and categories into angle type. During our Angles unit, we investigated how to find the opposite angle.

We continued our investigation into different types of Environments and how humans interact with and within these environments. We investigated which behaviours were positive or negative and gave reasons for our classification. After identifying what behaviours we have within a certain environment, we then used a Venn diagram to compare the actions within two different environments.

Assembly award winners: Selena & Senitha

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– 5B

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