My buddy is having so much fun-Tiana
My buddy are learning how to play fair. We also enjoyed counting as well whilst making our game.- Senay
My buddy is really enjoying our game board making. We are counting together and having lots of fun.- Blessing

Weeks 6 & 7

Welcome back to the 6C blog.

In the past few weeks we have been very busy.  The classes decided to give NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) a go.  We have set goals of writing as many words as we can for the month of November.  The aim is to write longer stories as well as get our typing speed up.

In Maths we have been looking at Angles at Transformation of shapes.  This has led us to creating our own Mandela designs which has proven to us just how hard these are to draw.  We really do appreciate the creators of these as ensuring that the pattern is mirrored has been a challenge but one that we enjoyed attempting.

In Reading we have been looking at character descriptions.  Using our class novel “Counting by 7s” we each attempted to draw one of the main characters.  We found it really interesting as to who different each of the character drawings turned out.  It was great to see what one person picked up on and what the other person picked up on and how this altered the picture.

Also this week was remembrance day.  To show our understanding and to pay tribute we created a remembrance wall showing all the things we know about those that fought for our country in the wars.  Lest We Forget.

Week 3


In Numeracy we started learning about angles. To start with we listened to a song about the different types of angles that was sung to the tune of YMCA by The Village People. This got us ready to go outside and look for different angles types in the environment, take photos of them and annotate the photos to demonstrate we knew what angles we had found.


In CBL we took some time to look at digital environments and the positive character strengths we can use when  we are online. In particular we looked at empathy by putting ourselves in the shoes of someone who wanted their privacy respected. We did this by playing a game on an app called The Lost Summer where we acted as someone making decisions that would affect another person online.



Ever since Week 8 of last term we had been trying to get to the play pod with our Prep Buddies. The weather kept being a pain with it either being really rainy or really windy. Finally, this time around, we had lovely warm weather and were able to get creative with our younger friends. We not only played really well together but managed to get the equipment out and pack it all up again with cooperation and order.


Term 4 Weeks 1 and 2


In Numeracy we learnt about 3D shapes. We wrote in our books the 3D nets, the vertices, the edges and the faces for a shape of our choice. After that we made a model with tooth picks and play dough. We soon found out that the pyramids stood stronger than the prisms.



In C.B.L we learnt about different environments. To start with we listed different environments that we think are important to us. After that we made a Venn diagram about the similarities and differences between secondary and primary schools.



In Writing we learnt what is in a fable. We made a storyboard and started to draft a fable and everyone did a fable with two characters that were animals and that suited each other.

Written by Kovidh.



Year 5C students have been busy describing the features of 3D shapes. They have been learning to name the shape accurately, identifying how many faces, edges and vertices there are.  The next step was to make them out of straws.

We enjoyed counting the edges, sides and vertices of 3D shapes-Blessing

I have learnt that 3D shapes have sides, faces and vertices. It was fun working with Arush- Gabriel L

We enjoyed working in groups creating 3D shapes-Onil & Ali

We drew shapes  from a different perspective which was a lot of fun-Dilni


Learning reflection, week 3 and 4

In week 3-4 we have learnt about angles. Angles are the distance between 2 lines meeting at a point. To mark an angle you need to put a little 0 on top on the number. You have to use a protractor to measure an angle properly. There are many kinds of angles eg. acute:smaller the 90 degrees, right:90 degrees, obtuse:larger than 90 degrees, reflex:larger than 180 degrees. – Anuk

Over the past two weeks we have been learning about how to use protractors in class with different type of angles. An acute angle is smaller than 90 degrees and a right angle is 90 degrees the next angle is a right angle which is 90 degrees. An obtuse angle is larger than 90 degrees and a straight angle is 180 degrees. Last of all there is a reflex angle is a 360 turn. To use a protractor you put a dot where the lines meet then you get your protractor and measure it where the dot is. It is very important that you look at the line you are measuring at and the angle you are doing make sure your measuring it from the correct dot. A protractor is a line but the only difference is that it is half a circle but a protractor it like a ruler. – Zeynep and Melissa


The past two weeks we have been learning so many new things. In writing we have been learning about fairytales for example how to plan one or how to structure one. One that I really enjoyed doing was planning a fairytale, I used S.W.B.S.T to plan and I described my character what there powers were and the setting and what the features were about the character. In C.B.L we have been learning about empathy, empathy means caring for others and being kind and thoughtful to them. -By Sienna

Over the past 2 weeks we have been developing new skills for our knowledge. In maths we have been learning about names and estimating angles and using a protractor to figure out angles. We also learned that the angle doesn’t always-have a base line sometimes u have to rotate the angle to get the base line. The end of the base line has to be on the 0 of the protractor and of its on the right it is the outter edge if its on the left it has to be on the inner edge. In CBL we downloaded a game called The Lost Summer and it teaches us about empathy. Empathy means putting your self in someone else’s shoes so thinking about others and how they feel. – Harsh

Hello, in C.B.L we learnt about empathy. Empathy is caring for someone and sharing the feelings with another. For example someone is sad you should empathise with them and not make fun of them. We played a game called The Lost Summer, it is about making the right decision based on empathy. A scenario form the game was a photo which was uploaded without permission and asked the person to do the right decision. – John



Learning reflection, week 1 and 2

Hello, welcome back to 5A’s blog posts. We will talk about what we have learnt in the last two weeks. In maths we have been learning all about shapes and solids. There are 3D shapes and 2D shapes. 3D shapes are solids which have height, depth and length. 2D shapes can only be drawn on paper 📝. In writing we were learning about character traits and emotions. To show traits and emotions you need to ‘show don’t tell’. Show don’t tell means describing the scene to make the reader engaged instead of directly telling them what is happening and making them bored. – Anuk

Today we will be talking about environment. There are lots of different environments like social, nature and digital environments. In class we have learnt about adaption. Adaption is about how we get used to different environments like for a polar bear. Since they live in a cold place and they have fat in there body so they can protect themselves – John

We are going to tell you about what we have been learning in Maths. In maths we have been learning about 3D and 2D shapes. 2D shapes is something you cannot pick up. You might think why is it 3D , it’s 3D because you can pick it up. 3D shapes are made out of 2D shapes. If you put 6 squares together you get a 3D cube. Its the shape of a dice. – Kate and Melissa


This week and last week we have been focusing shapes and the net versions of them. On Friday the 11th we made 3D shapes out of the paper nets. We had to focus on figuring out what type of shape it was and how to build it. It took a lot of cutting and glueing to get it done. We also played shape bingo. It’s when you have shapes instead of numbers on the sheet of paper. Everyone enjoyed it, and 4 people got bingo!- Juliet

In writing we have been learning about character traits. Character traits are like a emotion. We also learnt about show don’t tell in writing. You cannot tell the person about an action but you need to describe it. -Akasdeep

This term is the last term how exciting!! This term we were learning new skills to develop, let me start. Maths: In maths we are learning about 2d and 3D shapes and also faces, corners, vertices, and last but not least edges. In writing we were learning show don’t tell, let me explain so show don’t tell is when you pick an emotion and try not to say the emotion. You have to describe your emotion with face actions and voice actions. In reading we were learning about character traits so how we would describe the character for example I’m short that’s a physical character trait. Last but not least CBL, in CBL we are learning about are new topic ENVIRONMENT for example a forest is an environment. – Aydin

Term 4 Learning Update

Another 2 weeks of learning completed in Term 4. Here’s what we’ve been doing in 5B this fortnight.

In Reading we have been exploring Fables and Fairytales, investigating the features and structures that make it a Fable or Fairytale. We continued our investigation of other text types, finding the evidence in the text to support the identified text type.

We used our learning of Fairytale structures and features in Reading to write or own Fairytales this week. We were sure to include things like magical creatures and a lesson for the reader. We wrote a Fairytale where the protagonist prevails, then explored writing twisted Fairytales where the antagonist comes out on top.

In Maths we have been investigating Angles. We performed the Angles song to consolidate our knowledge of types of angles, which helped us a lot because we could sing or hum it whilst engaging in our learning of angles. We learnt to measure and draw angles using a protractor and categories into angle type. During our Angles unit, we investigated how to find the opposite angle.

We continued our investigation into different types of Environments and how humans interact with and within these environments. We investigated which behaviours were positive or negative and gave reasons for our classification. After identifying what behaviours we have within a certain environment, we then used a Venn diagram to compare the actions within two different environments.

Assembly award winners: Selena & Senitha

Thanks for checking in! Follow our learning journey on Twitter @Miss_SuggACPS
– 5B

Grade 6 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With our last unit of Spanish upon us, we’ve begun to learn how to say in Spanish different sports and their associated accessories in Spanish. This learning will also touch on how the Spanish language has different words for the word ‘the’. We look forward to using these accordingly as we improve our knowledge of this Term’s content.

‘I’ve liked learning how to say different sports in Spanish’ –  Olivia (6C)

‘The crosswords and word searches in Spanish have been really good’ –  Tayfun (6B)

Grade 5 – Term 4 Spanish – Mr Pablo

With Term 4 upon us, we’ve begun to learn how to say various ICT items in Spanish. As Term 4 progresses, we’ll be learning how to state in Spanish whether some ICT items are cheap or expensive. This topic is engaging since we love technology! We look forward to the learning that we have in store for the rest of the Term.

‘I’ve had the best year of Spanish’ – Mustafa (5B)

‘I’ve enjoyed learning different types of technology’ – Talia (5B)

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