6B’s Blog Post

Hi and welcome to legendary 6B’s Blog Post. This term we have been learning all about Statistics and Probability, sequencing texts, Explanation tests, Strength and Sunshine, Graduation practices and Assembly practice.

In Maths, we have been learning about Statistics and Probability. In Statics and Probability we have been doing a bunch of Chance experiments like; flipping a coin to see how many times it lands on heads and how many times it lands on tails. Since there is only two outcomes which are equal, it would be even chance.

In Writing, we have been exploring Explanation texts. Explanation texts basically explain something, for an example; if you were reading an Explanation text on the life cycles of a moth it would explain the life cycle of a moth and tells you only about that subject.

In Reading, we have been learning about sequencing texts. This is important because if you put a part of your story in the wrong place then your reader would be extremely confused. If we know how to sequence our text, then our text will be much more easy to read and you will know what is going on in the right places.

In Strength and Sunshine, we have been learning about how to motivate someone and how to be nice while motivating. We have been learning how to give back constructive feedback and not frozen feedback.
In Graduation practice, we have been learning a new song and our schedule.
It is finally time for 6B’s and 5D’s assembly! We are going to be preparing a surprise performance

This is all 6B has been up to. Hope you have had a great time reading it. We have been doing Explanation texts, Sequencing texts, Strength and Sunshine, Graduation practice, Assembly practice and Statistics and Probability.  6B out!

Learning reflection, week 7-8

Dear parents and guardians, as you may know the student leader applications are out and kids have the opportunity of being a student leader. The applications are due today. Kids who get short listed will have to do a speech on Friday 6th December in front of all the students in their house colour. If you get shortlisted , hopefully you will get the position of student leader. -Insia

For the last 2 weeks we have been doing lots of things. We have been doing mystery Skype call with another school and we had to narrow their school down by asking only yes or no questions. It was very fun and we were the ones to find their school first. Some of us were researching and some were talking. We had to cover our logos so they don’t see our school name. – Harsh

Last week we had a mystery Skype call and we had to figure out were there school was located. It turned out they were in Perth, it was really fun while we were trying to figure out where there school was. -Aydin

For the past two weeks we have been writing explication texts. We have done a per plan, plan, draft and some people have done more like editing, per conference and are waiting for a teacher conference. It has been very interesting learning more about the topics that we choose. I know there was so interesting ones like, How basketball stared, Why do we drink water and much more. I think that the explication texts are going to be very interesting. – Emerson

In week 7-8 we have learnt about various types of graphs. Graphs are used to calculate and show data. Line graphs are used to show change in time, bar graphs just show data as a bar and pictographs show data as picutures, normally one picture on the pictograph is equal to 2 items. Graphs are collected information organised in a proper order. – Anuk and Kate

In the past two weeks we have been learning about graphs. We have been looking at pictographs, bar graphs and line graphs. The graphs help us to read different types information. – Udjith and Jaylen

Last week in maths, we learnt about mapping. By mapping we mean finding locations and looking for different ways to get there. Once we have found the different ways we would add it together and put it in a pictograph or bargraph. If you are confused on what those graphs are here are some pictures to paint a clear picture. -Jenna and Gurnoor




Learning Reflection, week 5 and 6

This term we have a student teacher! Her name is Miss O’shana. She has been teaching us many things such as, Three Basic Transformations and Angles (Maths), Infrencing and Summarising (Reading), Fairy Tales and Fables (Reading). Unfortunately, She will be leaving for university in a few day. She has done really well teaching us so many things in her specific teaching way. Thanks Miss O’shana! -Gurnoor and Insia.

In week 5, we have been learning about summary’s. A summary is a short paragraph, you use your own words and you write about the main idea. In a summary you don’t use details exactly from the text. Summary’s tell some of the text not all of it. – Melissa

Last week in writing we have been publishing our fairytales. We have been working very hard on our fairytales for at least 3-4 weeks. It is one of our teacher directed writing pieces . Some kids have already finished and are now planning their last teacher directed piece which is an explanation text. Some of you may know that student leader applications are now available for years 3,4 and 5s. If you are in year 5 you also have the option of being a school captain. Your teachers might have already given you an application note which is also going to be on compass so your parents can see. The house assembly which kids can vote for their future student leaders is going to be held on 6th December . So if you want to be a student leader apply now because the closing date is next week on Tuesday! – Insia and Sienna

In week 5-6 we have learnt about shapes. Shapes are under the subject ‘maths’. About shapes we learnt how to translate, rotate and reflect. The teacher explained it thoroughly and gave examples on moving shapes. The teacher gave us tasks on shapes and movement. We think the class did very well on this task. – Anuk and Siddak

Photo – Amaya

We have learnt about co – ordinates and how to find places with co – ordinated. When you have done that you will get one more sheet. If you have done your last sheet you can practice about co – ordinates. – Abhayvir

Lots of Numeracy in 5D!

Recently we have been completing our final formal assessments for the year on paper and online. We’ve been diving into our iPads answering questions and thinking about which answer to choose. We also discussed about the meaning of questions. The class also learnt to read carefully through the questions and a lot of unique techniques to improve our answering skills.

We also have been doing angles. We’ve studied about different types of angles, Right angle, Acute angle,Obtuse angle,Reflex angle and Straight angle. We also learnt how to use a protractor and how to draw angles. Some students from our class learnt about Supplementary and Complementary angles. Supplementary angle means that sets of angles that add up to a Right angle and a Complementary angle means that sets of angles that add up to a Straight angle.

It’s not the end, we have lots more to tell you. 5D has learnt about Transformation, there are three types of Transformation, Reflection, Translation,Rotation. We also learnt about line symmetry and rotational symmetry, we had a try at using rotational symmetry to the 8th order to create mandalas.

Not only have we been learning about geometry, but also about chance. To start with, we listed words associated with probability and learnt that probability ranges from 0-1. We have been using various games to learn about possible outcomes, how to record probability as a fraction, dependent and independent variables and how to record results.

Some of the games have been ‘Four Corners’, ‘Greedy Pig’, and a version of a game called ‘Kee’an’. ‘Kee’an’ is a traditional Indigenous game from North Queensland where players throw a large bone  (for example, an emu shin bone) with twine attached to it over a net into a pit or hole. Because we had no access to animal bones or pits, we used circles and pencils and played in pairs. We recorded the possible outcomes and then recorded out results. It was lots of fun…but we need some throwing practice!

As well as this, we have been using counters and recording our colour predictions based on fraction probability and learning that unlikely events can sometimes happen often because even if there is a small chance, there is still a chance.

By Amrit, Priya and Mrs Mac.

5B Weeks 6&7 Learning Update

Hello and welcome back to 5B’s blog. Here’s a snippet of what we’ve been up to these past couple of weeks.

In Reading this fortnight we have been unpacking the structural and language features of a range of text types. We focused on explanation texts in depth, identifying the difference between an explanation and an information/procedural. We then used our knowledge gained from exploring these texts to plan our own explanation texts in Writing.

In Writing we were able to choose our own topic and write an explanation text about it. We used 2 different graphic organisers to plan and pre-plan our explanation texts to ensure we followed the correct structure and features. Next week we will continue through the Writing Process, drafting, editing and revising and then publishing our explanation texts in a How Stuff Works class book.

We’ve been exploring Chance and Probability this fortnight in Maths. We investigated the probability of an event from a scale of 0-1 by listing some scenarios and placing them along the scale, such as
“It is likely I will forget to put my iPad in the ICT drawer and Miss Sugg will need to remind me” – Aydin
“It is certain the moon will rise tonight” – Aaliyah
We also conducted some chance experiments, identifying the sample space and likelihood of specific outcomes (theoretical outcomes), recording our results and representing the data using fractions, decimals, percentages and side-by-side column graphs (experimental outcomes).

We have continued our investigation into the Big Idea of Environment this Term. We have started looking at the actions people make and how that affects the environment they are in. We explored cause and effect and how every action has an outcome with positives and negatives. We have started to think about how we are going to meet the challenge of Positively Influence an Environment, identifying how transitions between year levels has impacts on students which could be eased in some way. Keep an eye out for our next blog post with more details about our progress of our solution!

We had the best time with our Prep F buddies! We created board games with a range of twists and turns and constructed our dice using the net of a cube. We were able to play a couple of rounds on our board before playing our favourite indoor game – Silent Ball! Prep F have gotten very good at it!

Assembly award winners for Week 6: Ansh and Aydin
3-6 Assembly Friday 29th November
Student Leadership applications due Monday 25th November

Thanks for checking in! Follow our learning journey on Twitter: @Miss_Sugg

– 5B


My buddy is having so much fun-Tiana
My buddy are learning how to play fair. We also enjoyed counting as well whilst making our game.- Senay
My buddy is really enjoying our game board making. We are counting together and having lots of fun.- Blessing

Weeks 6 & 7

Welcome back to the 6C blog.

In the past few weeks we have been very busy.  The classes decided to give NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) a go.  We have set goals of writing as many words as we can for the month of November.  The aim is to write longer stories as well as get our typing speed up.

In Maths we have been looking at Angles at Transformation of shapes.  This has led us to creating our own Mandela designs which has proven to us just how hard these are to draw.  We really do appreciate the creators of these as ensuring that the pattern is mirrored has been a challenge but one that we enjoyed attempting.

In Reading we have been looking at character descriptions.  Using our class novel “Counting by 7s” we each attempted to draw one of the main characters.  We found it really interesting as to who different each of the character drawings turned out.  It was great to see what one person picked up on and what the other person picked up on and how this altered the picture.

Also this week was remembrance day.  To show our understanding and to pay tribute we created a remembrance wall showing all the things we know about those that fought for our country in the wars.  Lest We Forget.

Week 3


In Numeracy we started learning about angles. To start with we listened to a song about the different types of angles that was sung to the tune of YMCA by The Village People. This got us ready to go outside and look for different angles types in the environment, take photos of them and annotate the photos to demonstrate we knew what angles we had found.


In CBL we took some time to look at digital environments and the positive character strengths we can use when  we are online. In particular we looked at empathy by putting ourselves in the shoes of someone who wanted their privacy respected. We did this by playing a game on an app called The Lost Summer where we acted as someone making decisions that would affect another person online.



Ever since Week 8 of last term we had been trying to get to the play pod with our Prep Buddies. The weather kept being a pain with it either being really rainy or really windy. Finally, this time around, we had lovely warm weather and were able to get creative with our younger friends. We not only played really well together but managed to get the equipment out and pack it all up again with cooperation and order.


Term 4 Weeks 1 and 2


In Numeracy we learnt about 3D shapes. We wrote in our books the 3D nets, the vertices, the edges and the faces for a shape of our choice. After that we made a model with tooth picks and play dough. We soon found out that the pyramids stood stronger than the prisms.



In C.B.L we learnt about different environments. To start with we listed different environments that we think are important to us. After that we made a Venn diagram about the similarities and differences between secondary and primary schools.



In Writing we learnt what is in a fable. We made a storyboard and started to draft a fable and everyone did a fable with two characters that were animals and that suited each other.

Written by Kovidh.



Year 5C students have been busy describing the features of 3D shapes. They have been learning to name the shape accurately, identifying how many faces, edges and vertices there are.  The next step was to make them out of straws.

We enjoyed counting the edges, sides and vertices of 3D shapes-Blessing

I have learnt that 3D shapes have sides, faces and vertices. It was fun working with Arush- Gabriel L

We enjoyed working in groups creating 3D shapes-Onil & Ali

We drew shapes  from a different perspective which was a lot of fun-Dilni


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